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XEO Aroma E-Liquid Review

XEO E-Liquids UK

Chances are that not many folks will have heard of XEO before, but don’t let that put you off from exploring this fabulous range of top-drawer e-liquids.

Until recently only widely available in Germany (where they are manufactured) the XEO Aroma range intends to deliver a truly rich flavour that is going to dazzle even the most stubborn of taste buds. Sure, that’s a claim made by every e-liquid company under the sun but in this case, we’re looking at something that genuinely does deliver!

The Aroma line is formulated to specifically deliver as rich a MTL vape as possible while not being formulated specifically for sub-ohm vaping. Available in zero, 0.6, 1.2 and 1.8% nicotine there is no difference whatsoever in the absolute richness of this e-liquid regardless of which strength you opt for. Each liquid is individually formulated with varying levels of PG/VG mix although the majority lean towards VG vaping.

Full RangeUnusually for liquids designed to maximize flavour, there is no sense of any sickly over-sweetness. Instead, they are just packed full of delicious flavour that works an absolute treat with a freshly cleaned tank and new coils (we used 1.2ohm at 18W for testing).

We can thank V2 Cigs for having been able to find a partnership with XEO and bring their Aroma e-liquids to a broader market. Here’s a lowdown on the flavours that are currently on offer, all of which are great enjoyed with any V2 PRO Series 3X Vaporizers, EX Blanks or the XEO VOID Vaporizer:

American Blend Red: A considerably richer than usual blend of Virginia, Burley and Oriental style tobaccos with a distinctive hint of rich dark chocolate. A very smooth and luxurious tobacco vape with a 60/30 VG/PG ratio.

American Blend Gold: Much easier going than the above yet still packed full of delicious everyday light tobacco flavour. A great choice for a daily go-to (also 60/30).

Cherry Banana: One of the highlights of the Aroma range and exactly what this line is all about! A combination of two distinct flavoursthat sways just the right side of sweetness (60/30).

Cherry Lime: Our personal favourite! This e-liquid showcases why the Aroma range can do sparkly and refreshing just as well as dense and delightful. Great for on the go MTL vaping (15/85).

Coffee: So often e-liquids trying to emulate coffee ends up tasting like a mocha with ten teaspoons of sugar. Not here – this is a dense, smokey and intriguing blend that with a great balance (35/55).

Grape Mint: Similar in taste to Cherry Lime but intended for much more luxuriant, kick-back vaping thanks to a noticeably higher VG ratio (35/55).

Grape Pear: Considerably sweeter to the above with a brain-tingling tease after a long, heavy draw. Citrusy but not totally overwhelming (35/55).

Mango Pear: Probably our second favouriteof the XEO Aroma e-liquid range, this may as well be called fruit sorbet such is the smoothness of the switch to sharp and sweetness. Lovely! (35/55).

Peach Brandy: As you’d expect – sweet, bold and ever so rich this is the aperitif that can be enjoyed around the clock without risk of falling over! (35/55).

Virginia Honey: A unique blend of very light tobacco flavours mixed with a natural honey taste. Would go perfectly with a nice glass of bourbon. A very interesting and enchanting vape (35/55).

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Click REVEAL COUPON to view the discount code. Simply enter code at checkout.


Click REVEAL COUPON to view the discount code. Simply enter code at checkout.