Posted April 17, 2018 by Daniel Archibald-Jones in Information & Articles

Why Place CBD Oil Under The Tongue?

CBD Under Tongue

So, you’ve picked up some high-quality CBD oil (beware cheap imitations!) and may now be wondering what is the best way to actually take it.

While you can pick up a variety of CBD products, the simple fact is that that specialist CBD vaping liquids and smart oral ingestion are two of the best ways to reap the maximum rewards.

Sure there’s capsules and edibles also on the market, but to put it simply they don’t absorb anywhere as well into the bloodstream.

The beauty of sublingual CBD oil drops is that they are usually found as mouth sprays. This delivers a precise amount of oil, typically about 5ml per time, making it easy to keep track of how much you are consuming.

How Much Should I Take?

While there’s no exact science on how much people ought to take – there are too many variables such as size/ailments/exposure to factor in to create a realistic universal dosage chart – most people find that about 20ml/day works well.

So that’s just four sprays over the course of a day. Take one with each meal and also just before bedtime, easy-peasy! As for the ‘earthy’ taste, it’s something that you will get used to, and even if not taking a spray just before eating will quickly dissipate that peculiar tang.

Why It’s Commonly Consumed Under The Tongue

But why specifically should people take their CBD oil under the tongue? Here’s why…

The key word is bioavailability. In a nutshell, this term is used to measure the speed and completeness by which the oil is absorbed into the body. Nowhere is better than sublingual because this method manages to dodge the first metabolic stage which can seriously affect how well the CBD oil performs. Instead, using this technique passes the oil near-instantaneously into the bloodstream.

One common mistake made by people new to CBD oils is just spraying literally right before the first mouthful of a meal. Yes, it may not carry the best flavour in the world, but it is important to spray under the tongue and hold it in place for about 60 seconds before swallowing. That allows plenty of time for the mouth to absorb enough oil to deliver the maximum effect.

If you’re not partial to the taste and taking your dose between mealtimes, a simple swig of water or a piece of gum/sweetie will clear the flavour right away.

How Will It Make Me Feel?

Worried about getting stoned? Don’t worry! Another common misconception surrounding CBD oil is that you’ll end up feeling high.

Quality CBD oils contain barely a trace of THC, the compound which delivers the physical reaction to hemp products.

CBD oil is the part of the hemp plant that naturally contains no psychoactive properties, and any trace THC will usually just be an unavoidable consequence of the production method.

Is It Legal To Use?

As for legality – the CBD oil trade may not be comprehensively regulated yet in the UK, but that’s not stopping numerous high street health store and chemist chains from stocking it!

One of the best tips when choosing a CBD oil would be to try and find a strength that is suitable for your requirements as this will obviously influence the amount that you need to take.

The very concentrated products tend to be considerably more expensive, whereas the middle range is much more affordable and ideal for the ‘4 a day’ method outlined above.

Try and source oils that use olive oil as the delivery agent – they taste better and retain their strength better than any other option.