Posted April 17, 2018 by Daniel Archibald-Jones in Information & Articles

Why Doesn’t CBD Get You High?

CBD Effects

Most people who use CBD oil tend to ‘dose’ three or four times a day.

So surely they ought to be constantly ‘stoned’ or ‘high’ around the clock, right? Thankfully not! A great misconception about CBD oil is that because it is a derivative of the marijuana plant, it must surely carry some psychoactive effects.

To be fair, the industry doesn’t always help themselves here. Even though they stress that you will not get remotely high by taking these oils, slapping a marijuana leaf on the bottle label isn’t the best way of delivering this essential message!

Yet the truth is that while CBD oil is indeed created from the cannabinoid family, it is actually a by-product of hemp – which is used in all sorts of industrial practices and legal almost everywhere in the western world.

Sucking on a hemp rope isn’t going to get you high, and in a roundabout way, this is exactly the same when considering CBD oils.

Why It Doesn’t Get You High

If we were to take a standard marijuana plant, it would consist of about 60% THC (the compound that does get you high) and 40% CBD (which doesn’t).

During the manufacturing process, of which there are several varieties used across the industry, the objective is to separate the CBD with as little THC residue as possible.

Good quality oils will have barely a trace of THC, and nothing remotely close to enough to deliver any sense of psychoactive activity.

Even the mass-produced oils tend to have well below 1% THC content, which considering that most users consume no more than 20ml/day is simply nowhere near enough to get high from.

Reassuringly, the legal limit for UK sale is 0.2% THC content!

What’s The Point Of Consuming CBD?

Some readers may be wondering at this stage what the point is! Well, it is a fair question and one that ought to be briefly addressed.

CBD oil is packed full of nutrients and minerals and some believe it can have a tremendously beneficial effect on overall health and wellbeing.

Organically, legally grown hemp is a totally natural way of ingesting these essential components as well as being a surprisingly rich source of protein and Omega-3.

Anything questionably bad resides within the THC, which because it is removed anyway makes for a product that is totally natural and guaranteed to keep users with a clear head!

CBD Facts

Is There Scientific Evidence For This?

Let’s take a slightly more scientific approach and look into the biological reasons why these oils have no psychoactive impact.

Back in the early 1990’s, a certain Dr. Mechoulam dedicated years of study into researching how cannabinoids affect the body. He isolated CB1 and CB2 phytocannabinoid receptors within the body that deliver very different effects upon the body.

CB1 receptors are almost wholly found in the brain and nervous system. They bind very well with the THC carried within the cannabis plant and explain why people feel high after smoking or eating it.

CBD, on the other hand, has a much lower binding ability with CB1 receptors. For want of a better description, it passes through instead of getting stuck and making a cognitive impact.

Instead, CBD chooses to bind with what Mechoulam classified as CB2 receptors. These are found all around the body with particular concentration in the immune system and spleen.

Can I Legally Use It In The UK?

This brings us to the legal distinction between the two key compounds found in the cannabis plant. There are well over 100, but THC and CBS comprise the overwhelming majority, and THC is the only one that can make you stoned.

Unfortunately, its presence is why marijuana remains illegal in the UK and most other western nations. Interestingly enough, there is some scientific research to suggest that when separated, CBD can actually counteract the psychoactive properties of THC, although those looking for an instant ‘wake up’ remedy are going to be waiting a while yet.

So we can see from this alone why so many people have expressed an interest in the potential benefits from non-psychoactive cannabis extract, which may well be what CBD oil is.

Medical marijuana is becoming increasingly popular in countries which are more tolerant to the potential holistic qualities of the plant, yet let’s face it – not everyone wants to be high all the time. Plus there is, of course, the legal aspect which tends to rule this out for many people.

CBD vape oil, on the other hand – is totally legal providing it contains no more than a trace of THC.

Don’t forget that all of our bodies have a natural endocannabinoid system that is increasingly believed to be very important for maintaining overall health.

So why not give it a steady and consistent boost? Many people are already swearing by it, which is why CBD oil is becoming ever more popular with a wide spectrum of people.