Posted February 6, 2014 by Daniel Archibald-Jones in Information & Articles

Where Can I Get Cheap E-Liquid?

Growing in popularity over the last ten years or so, electronic cigarettes have become big business as vapers have looked for a healthier alternative to conventional tobacco smoking. As the e-cigs have evolved, it made sense for the customers to be offered opportunities to be able to refill their electronic cigarettes and as a result there are now two types of e-cig widely available that can be refilled. One type requires cartridges (commonly referred to as cartomisers) while others can be topped up with liquid. The second method is often a lot cheaper than using cartridges.

Cheap E-Liquid From FreshcigE-juice, also known as e-liquid, is a mix that combines a variety of flavours (commonly fruit, tobacco or menthol) and different and optional amounts of nicotine with a mix of a solution of propylene glycol. On occasions vegetable glycerine is used as an alternative for those who suffer with allergies to the propylene glycol.

So we know what is contained in them, but where can the oils be obtained cheaply? One of the best and cheapest places to purchase them from is a company called Freshcig. The company was founded three years ago by Ben Wilson and is based in Marple, Greater Manchester. Freshcig are committed to achieving the highest possible levels of quality service, value and convenience, which is why Ben and his team have spent hours researching the production of the ingredients for the oils.

Freshcig’s extremely easy to navigate website can be found at Freshcig and the wide range of e liquids, all with options of differing nicotine strengths can be investigated by one simple click from the homepage. Eighteen different flavours are provided in total – there are four tobacco flavours in the range which are Classic, Rolling, Premium and American plus many fruity options such as strawberry, black cherry, banana and apple. There are also menthol, spearmint, mint blast, pina colada, vanilla and chocolate options and even a black forest gateau flavour is included in the hugely impressive line-up with every flavour guaranteed to be of an extremely high standard.