Posted July 18, 2017 by Daniel Archibald-Jones in Information & Articles

What’s The Best E-Cig For Clouds?

Cloud chasing has become really popular over the last couple of years. Chances are 99% that you’ve already seen them in use, but the best way to describe box mods would be as pocket sized hookah pipes. Lots and lots of devilishsweet light vape.

These are very high power batteries that are specifically configured to generate more vapour at the expense of less throat hit. The clouds are generated by a combination of high airflow and high heat. Airflow is important as it helps cool the coil that generates the heat, allowing for a faster production of vapour. On top of this configuration, they use e-liquids with a high Vegetable Glycol (VG) to create even more vape.

It would be fair to say that box mods are the top tier of the vaping hierarchy. It can appear quite technical at first as people can customize their tanks and use multiple coils with theiratomizers generate a vape to their exact liking, but once you get the hang it’s not that complicated. Do be aware though that cloud vaping does literally burn through coils fast, and it does make a real difference using the top of the range lines.

How Much Does It Cost?

High-performance cloud production really needs a mod that is capable of generating sub-ohm power. The good news is that these formerly expensive devices have considerably dropped in price over the last year or two – while power has increased! It’s possible to pick up mods capable of pushing out 100W for less than that number of pounds nowadays, although even the average vaper demanding top class clouds will rarely have any need to go over 60W when configured to sub ohm.

What Type Of Device Should I Buy?

For those wanting a device capable of sub-ohm vaping but more along the conventional tube-style unit instead of a box, there’s now plenty of pens capable of generating staggering power as well. The vast majority of big name manufacturers have hitched on to the popularity of mod vaping, releasing their own ranges. This means there are now a vast number of models out there to choose from, going all the way from high street shops to specialist imported units. It’s a good time to aim for the skies!

Perhaps the best thing about mods is that they can be easily adjusted to a tighter, more typical style of vaping as well. Yet having the ability to switch styles at will is why very few modders ever go back to ‘conventional vaping’. Those clouds are addictive. Just be ready to get through a lot of high VG e-liquids though when using the top settings. Also note that most VG e-liquids are typically far lower in nicotine – 0.3 is pretty standard.