Posted January 22, 2014 by Daniel Archibald-Jones in Information & Articles

What’s An Electronic Cigarette?

Ego ClearomizerYou may have seen people walk around with what looks like a cigarette poking out of their mouth but no smoke. Or in fact there has been what appears to be smoke but dissipates much more quickly than you thought it would. Sometimes there is even a red glow from the tip of this cigarette. Well you are half correct in your assumption of what you are looking at.

You are indeed looking at someone “vaping”. These are electronic cigarettes and they come in several forms, shapes and sizes, but in only two types. These would be vapor cigarettes and electronic cigarettes, very similar and both are battery operated. The vapor cigarettes contain more vape oil and release a vapor that looks similar to the smoke from a regular cigarette. The standard electronic cigarettes have cartridges for the nicotine and typically a light up tip to simulate the same inhaling sensation. This is what the makeup of the electronic cigarette consists of. It has a small rechargeable battery that allows the user to inhale liquid nicotine of two different doses, getting the same feeling and sensation of an actual cigarette without the smoke.

Electric CigVaping devices have several great benefits over regular cigarettes. Most of them are re-usable, instead of one time use. Cartridges can even come in dozens of different flavors so your experience can be different each time you vape. It is considered to be an alternative to smoking actual cigarettes without some of the side effects those can cause.

The look and feel are different with each model, some being small and slender and others appearing like a small cigar or even a pipe. Some are lightweight and interchangeable with most other types, making them easy to find new parts for. Another benefit is that since these electronic cigarettes don’t produce any actual smoke they are allowed in most places that cigarettes are not.

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