Posted February 16, 2018 by Daniel Archibald-Jones in Information & Articles

What Type Of E-Cig Should I Buy?

Different Types Of E Cig

More often than not e-cigs are the way people get to grips with vaping. Generally speaking, they are designed to feel very similar to a tobacco cigarette – lightweight, thin and pretty inconspicuous. The good news for the customer is that the current generation of e-cigs is in a different orbit to what was available a few years ago.

Rather than ‘progress’ onto more advanced models, plenty of people find these more than adequate thanks to being low fuss, inexpensive and capable of delivering a consistent ‘hit’. Consider the following when checking out the enormous e-cig market:

1) Exclusive Or Secondary?

Do you plan on still smoking tobacco and using an e-cig when it is more convenient (nights out, workplace etc)? If so there’s no point breaking the bank. For the price of a 20 deck, you can pick up a basic e-cig starter kit which will do the job well enough but may be less inspiring for daily use.

Looking instead for an e-cig for general daily use? If so you can pick up much better quality/value e-cigs for not a lot more and it is really worth that extra outlay. They will last longer, be better designed and simply deliver a much nicer vape.

2) Cartridge Or Clearomizer?

Cartridges are generally one-use product specific little tanks of e-liquid that you simply pop into your e-cig. Changing them over is a matter of seconds, mess-free and there’s no need to replace any other components. These may sound basic but there are quality options out there – just be aware that usually, replacements need to be ordered online.

Clearomizers are refillable tanks that need to be replaced every two/three weeks or so. It’s an unavoidable fact, but the advantage is that users can enjoy pretty much any e-liquid on the market. They are not limited to what can often be a modest selection offered by cartridge manufacturers. So if you want to vape bubblegum-mocha or whatever this is the way to go!

3) Kit Or Standalone?

If opting for a cartridge system then it is best to pick one of the kits offered by a quality manufacturer. These do get more expensive but pay off in the long term thanks to being packed with cartridges and spares. You won’t need to stock up formonths. Obviously, it is best to try beforehand if possible to make sure it works for you, but for sheer valuealone these can be amazing.

Decided to go for a clearomizer model? Generally speaking, these are best purchased as single units (pen, charger, maybe an e-liquid) because replacements will need to be picked up frequently anyway (check online for discounts).