Posted February 16, 2018 by Daniel Archibald-Jones in Information & Articles

What To Look For In A Vaporiser

Looking to get started vaping haven’t a clue where to start? Well, you’ve performed the first essential task already by looking for advice! Like most electronics, there are great, fair and frankly awful options out there – so consider the following simple tips when choosing a suitable vape.

1) What’s Your Style?

This is a big and open question but crucial to choosing the right vaporiser.

Looking to give up tobacco and just want a steady away, good quality yet no-fuss option? Look towards e-cigs – these have hugely improved in quality recently and represent superb value as kits often come with masses of accessories and cartridges.

Maybe you are looking towards the next stage? Higher performance vaping starter kits have plummeted in price recently while the quality just gets better. It’s not unusual for even middle of the line pens to be capable of cloudy sub-ohm vaping nowadays. Choose a quality manufacturer and a well-maintained pen will last for years.

Looking for something truly specialist? High power box mods are now available at reasonable prices, yet those at the top of the range are going to deliver the best vaping experience on earth! Maybe not for everyone but it truly is spectacular!

2) Manufacturers Matter

There’s a vaporiser available to match any budget – and plenty of the big name manufacturers offer a wide range of products from basic through to next generation. Regardless of this, goodvalue can be found at any level too.

Just because two products are priced the same yet one claims better performance doesn’t mean it necessarily is well designed. Certainly shop around but research any vaporiser online before making a purchase.

3) Single Unit Or Kit?

As a rule of thumb, pricier vaporisers tend to come pretty much packaged with the bare essentials, maybe a single vial of e-liquid if you’re lucky. Kits tend to be for more generic products but as mentioned above, for many users these will be perfectly adequate and can represent fantastic value with maybe even a dozen cartridges, extra batteries and so forth.

Knowing what you want from your vaporiser is the key to finding a good match. Figure that out and there’s going to be plenty of products that match your requirements. Happy hunting!