Posted March 13, 2014 by Daniel Archibald-Jones in Information & Articles

What Strength E Cig Should I Use?

When conventional tobacco smokers make the switch to vaping, they are confronted by what appears to be a highly confusing array of options for their electronic cigarette as not only is there a multitude of flavours to select from, but also a range of nicotine strengths – leading to the frequently asked question of what strength e-cig they should use.

The providers of e-juice tend to offer it in a choice of three or four strengths – probably called something along the lines of full, strong, lite and zero or similar. It is fairly obvious to work out that zero means there is no nicotine in the product, but the rest need to be studied to determine just how strong they are.

The nicotine strength will be indicated in one of two ways and the most common will be shown as milligrams per millilitre – for example 24mg/ml. Basically this is showing the amount of nicotine in milligrams per each millilitre of the e-liquid – so in our example there are twenty-four milligrams of nicotine per each millilitre of the e-liquid purchased. Some companies will interpret this differently and express as a percentage – so our example would be shown as 2.4% – but it means exactly the same. It is of course possible to use this strength to work out how much nicotine is in the bottle of e-liquid – continuing to use the 24mg/ml strength, a 10ml bottle would contain 240mg of nicotine, a 20ml bottle would contain 480mg and so on.

It is one thing to work out the levels of nicotine, but it is another to determine which strength to opt for. A good rule of thumb to work with is to think that a user who has a two packs per day habit is likely to require a high enough strength to get their fix while a light smoker who gets through just a few cigarettes on a daily basis will find it easier to switch to a low level.

A very high strength such as 36mg/ml are usually preferred by former smokers who had a serious addiction, while the 24mg/ml level is probably preferred by the majority of former heavy smokers due to the noticeable level of nicotine. Levels such as 12 or 18mg/ml are really the middle of the road options for light smokers – while for those looking to quit the nicotine habit altogether then the lowest strength available as a last stepping stone is likely to be around 6mg/ml.