Posted February 6, 2014 by Daniel Archibald-Jones in Information & Articles

What Is The Cheapest E Cigarette?

The electronic cigarette market contains to expand with a huge variety of products available to purchase. This means that there are many cheap e-cigs out there, but as often the case, cheap is not always best!

The cheaper versions don’t usually last as long and hence it is usually a sound idea to invest in a better, more expensive model.

However, one e-cigarettes that offer the best value for money is the Freshcig eVolve Starter Kit.

Freshcig eVolveThe Freshcig eVolve includes two refillable clearomizers along with a bottle of the Freshcig e-liquid, which is 30ml in volume. The flavourings are all food-safe, and some interesting options such as cappuccino, menthol and strawberry are available alongside classic tobacco, premium tobacco, rolling tobacco and American tobacco flavours. As you would expect the flavourings come in different strengths – alongside the nicotine free varieties, the majority are provided in concentrations of both twenty-four and sixteen milligrams.

The eVolve starter kit includes in addition to the e-liquid and refills, a 650 mAh 4.2v battery that can be re-charged up to three hundred times. The LED light on the battery will flash to indicate to the user when power is running low and also flashes three times to show when the cigarette has been switched on. A quick guide and USB charger are also provided in the starter kit whose contents sit tightly packed into an aluminium case and this presentation case is just right for carrying this super kit around in.