Posted July 14, 2017 by Daniel Archibald-Jones in Information & Articles

What Are Variable Wattage & Voltage E Cigs?

The electronic cigarette world can be a complicated maze, especially when trying to find that best fitting product.

Newcomers to the vaping world are most likely to opt for an e cig that closely resembles a traditional one in its look, size and feel, while advanced users are catered for by all sorts of different options, for example vape mods.

It does not take long to start to look for perfection in a vaping experience and that is where variable wattage and variable voltage electronic cigarettes – often referred to as personal vaporisers – come into play.

These personal vaporisers allow the user to adjust the voltage and wattage between predetermined ranges to order to find their best fitting sweet spot.

Often these can be changed through the pressing of different buttons or possibly through a dial system with a digital display normally showing the current settings.

Understanding the difference between the wattage and voltage and what part they have to play in the workings of the device can be complicated as they are two very different quantities who have a rather complex relation with each other.

Voltage is the specification of the amount of potential energy that a particular device has while wattage is the measure of an amount of work done in a unit of time.

The wattage can be expressed as a ratio, which is the charge multiplied by the voltage and then divided by the time.

If variable voltage settings are in play, the device is being told to send a fixed amount of energy through the circuit regardless of whatever the resistance is.

Meanwhile when the wattage is altered this means the device is being told how much work is being done and it then has to do its own maths to figure out the voltage needed to overcome the resistance.

It’s a complex relationship and a hard one to explain although a good comparison would be the difference in driving a car in manual and automatic modes.

Variable voltage and wattage devices do take some practice to master as the wrong settings can result in harshness or unpleasant flavours and talking of flavours some are better suited to different settings than others, but they bring some great advantages such as brilliant vapour production and superb throat hits.