Posted October 3, 2016 by Daniel Archibald-Jones in Information & Articles

What Are The Signs Of A Failing Atomizer?

The atomizer is generally considered the most important component of the electronic smoking, or vaping experience, for those who use drip tips or disposable cartridges.

Experience will help you recognise exactly when the time is right for a change, but the following telltale signs will also let you know that the atomizer is beginning to fail.

Leakage is an obvious sign that the atomizer is failing.

This is when you notice your electronic cigarette has constantly started to squirt juice into your mouth after adding just a few drops of the liquid.

If the problem persists despite blowing on it several times, this is likely to be a failing atomizer.

The is because the atomizer is not heating up anywhere near as fast as it should, and results in the e-liquid ending up on your tongue.

A problem with some tell-tale signs of a failing atomizer such as the leakage one we have just mentioned is it’s all too easy to come up with the mistaken diagnosis of a flooded atomizer, and the second tell-tale sign could also see you fall into that trap – the second being that the atomizer makes a whole host of gurgling noises.

The chances are that after dripping for a while, you will have fallen into a rhythm – whether with one or a dozen puffs, and the atomizer is unable to heat up to meet with your demand.

Yes there are many occasions that a flooded atomizer can be fixed – but if the heating coil is the root cause of the problem it cannot be, so it is time to get a new atomizer.

The third and fourth telltale signs are that there is little or no vapour production.

As this is gradual, it may give the impression of the user becoming tolerant to the nicotine, but it’s much more likely that the atomizer is on its way out.

An e cig not providing the usual satisfaction could be an indication of a failing atomizer.

If nothing happens at all when you draw, which perhaps might make you think the atomizer is flooded, this obviously could also be a sign.

Perhaps the most important lesson when trying to detect when an atomizer is failing is that it will fail gradually – with our third tell tale sign of reduced vapour production it might happen so slowly you will hardly notice.

Remember also that usage, voltage, resistance as well as the type of e-liquid used are all factors, which influence the lifetime of an atomizer.