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Vype Review

Go Vype ReviewAs one of the best known suppliers of ‘off the shelf’ e cigs in the UK, Vype are also one of the most popular. Offering a simple selection of three styles of product – ePen, eStick and eTank – they clearly aim to offer something for everyone at the lowest price points going. Add to this the fact that their ranges are stocked literally nationwide in thousand of stockists, and it’s also apparent that Vype use accessibility to replacements and cartridges very much as their unique selling point.

Now it’s all to easy for vapers to be snooty about the Vype range, as even their most expensive kit – unsurprisingly the eTank – will still allow for change from a £20. It’s true that for a little more outlay far superior and longer lasting products can be found, yet it’s important to remember that isn’t Vype’s objective to necessarily compete against the specialists. After all they are owned by British American Tobacco – with the sole intent of entering the vaping market alongside their tobacco ranges as an alternative or, more likely, a curiosity to tobacoo.

So with this established and with only three styles of products across their range, we’ll take a look at them as what they are – namely absolute beginner level products. It wouldn’t be fair or necessarily constructive to compare them with most other lines; more is to be gained by looking at them as how good they are for a ‘first step’ into the wonderful world of vaping.

Vype eStickThe Vype eStick

The Vype eStick – costing little more than a single pack of 20 cigarettes – is the cheapest of the Vype range and for what it is, presents a decent alternative to tobacco for the casual smoker. Each pack comes with three blended flavoured tips – there’s 8 to choose between – a micro USB charging cable and the estick itself, all stored in a battery unit.

While a perfectly acceptable casual vape for those very new to vaping and looking for a budget option, it isn’t going to blow an experienced vaper away – but once more that’s not the point.

One feature that is worth pointing out and something rather smart is that the eStick itself charges within the battery pack on the move, so it’s constantly recharging and this makes it great for those on the move.

The Vype ePen

Vype ePenUntil recently the more ‘premium’ of the Vype range and rather uniquely styled in a tulip fashion, the Vype ePen offers a more powerful draw that would also be far more familiar to the general vaper. As a device it works perfectly well and clearly a great deal of effort and research has gone into making a decent pen style device that can be retailed for the lowest amount possible.

It works also with the ePen caps, although the liquid directly connected for use with the Vype ePen is called caps. This is useful for people to make an upgrade without wasting their existing supplies of e-liquid, and once more the product is very easy to set up and use. Unlike the estick this is very much a single charge (via USB) rather than a totally on the go portable system.

Vype eTankThe Vype eTank

The Vype eTank will be more familiar a style to many vapers and it is a far more user friendly and adaptable device than it’s older cousins. Incorporating a650 mAh battery for a much smoother and consistent vape, it’s a well finished product that is very similar to many others on the market.

At £20 it’s also a little cheaper than most similar devices, with the key advantage being that while performing much of a muchness with rival products, spare e-liquids and accessories designed specifically for use with this unit are widely available.

Why Vype Stand Out

There’s nothing wrong with doing something simply and well, and in this case Vype do a very good job at this. Say for example you’ve left your vape at home and need a cheap substitute – a Vype product will see you through during the interim. They’re not designed explicitly as being disposable however, they can also serve as an adequate introduction to basic vaping – and if that’s going to help put people off smoking tobacco, then that’s not ever a bad thing!


Click REVEAL COUPON to view the discount code for Vype. Code valid for all non-discounted items purchased at Vype, including starter kits, and other accessories. Simply enter code at checkout.


Click REVEAL COUPON to view the discount code for Vype. Code valid for all non-discounted items purchased at Vype, including starter kits, and other accessories. Simply enter code at checkout.