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VSAVI Gourmet Range Review

Many cloud chasing vape enthusiasts tend to find that 100% VG based E-Liquids provide the best way of enjoying a deep and luxurious vaping session.

VSAVI are a recent new arrival to the scene, and have already earned a very impressive reputation for their general range of e-liquids.

Alongside their standard varieties, VSAVI have also released a half dozen gourmet flavours that really stand out from the crowd.

VSAVI Gourmet RangeWe’ve seen how many such flavours have proven very popular with the US markets, and while the UK and Europe based manufacturers are catching up these gourmet juices clearly owe a great deal to American style influence.

This being said, these are 100% organic, non-GMO all natural E-Liquids which have been made from the highest grade ingredients.

Why Go With High VG Gourmet E-Liquids?

These E-Liquids have been designed to offer a perfectly smooth, indulgent and rich vaping experience that can deliver incredibly delicious clouds.

Most people agree that VG based E-Liquids generally offer a superior overall vape, especially when used alongside good quality equipment.

Thanks to VG E-Liquid carrying a natural sweetness this makes them a superior choice for delivering fruit and dessert themed flavours.

Many vapers enjoy gourmet juices as an occasional treat, but even better is that this range is only fractionally dearer than most standard E-Liquids.

A Dazzling Range Of Delicious Flavours!

Previously known as EcoVape, VSAVI have put plenty of thought into assembling their gourmet menu, with the focus very clearly upon delivering a variety of dessert style flavours.

The six options available are Almond Amaretto, Apple Pie, Belgian Waffle, Banana Cream Hazelnut, Milkshake and Sweet Pink Bubble.

As expected each of these delivers a stunning sweet flavour.

The only word of warning is that as with all VG E-Liquids, it’s surprisingly easy to rapidly consume the liquid especially when configured onto a very high cloud production setting.

Excellent Value & Available In A Wide Range Of Options

The VSAVI gourmet collection (previously known as EcoVape) is priced at exactly the same as their main E-Liquid Line, and each is available in a variety of options.

Individual vials are produced in both 10ml and 30ml sizes, with there also being a testing/sampling set comprising three different 10ml bottles for those who like to mix up their vaping.

These E-Liquids really do deserve being used with a high power box mod kit capable of delivering a sub-ohm vape.

The good news is that powerful good quality kits can be picked up for relatively little nowadays, and while these juices will still perform well on a weaker unit for maximum pleasure it’s best to aim for a little higher performance.

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Click REVEAL COUPON to view the discount code. Simply enter code at checkout.


Click REVEAL COUPON to view the discount code. Simply enter code at checkout.