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VSAVI E-Liquid Review


VSAVI E-Juice ReviewWhen it comes to sourcing a really top quality e-liquid, nowadays vapers are absolutely spoiled choice! Not only are there masses of UK and European produced liquids, but it’s also increasing easy to source amazing ‘craft’ style flavours that until recently rarely left American shores. Plenty of the top manufacturers have invested heavily in their in-house ranges, meaning that across the board it’s pretty difficult to find a poor quality flavour even from the more generic mass produced brands.

VSAVI are a relatively new brand to hit the market, and while they’re usually between 50p-£1 dearer than an average vial of E-Liquid, they really are a top quality brand. They have recently re-named their old brand name, from EcoVape to VSAVI.

These 100% VG E-Liquids are based on an entirely organic and natural base VG mix, allowing for not just fantastic flavours and awesome cloud production but also a very delicate and smooth inhale. They’ve been featuring consistently high on recent E-Liquid review sites, and there’s an awful lot to like from the VSAVI E-Liquid Brand.

Very High Quality Overall Production Standards

It’s no secret that cheap imported E-Liquids can be found on pretty much any high street in the country, and while the vast majority of these products are totally safe they can often deliver an underwhelming performance. Quite simply a £2.50 10ml vial of mass produced and imported E-Liquid is almost certain to deliver a less impressive experience. With VSAVI E-Liquids users can be assured that their juice has been concocted from the very best quality ingredients.

Not only do VSAVI juices exclusively use European produced ingredients, everything which goes into the mix has been ethically and organically sourced. The E-Liquids are produced in top class laboratories within Europe and to industry leading standards. Quite simply these guys take their E-Liquids very seriously indeed, with rigorous production tests and uncompromising supervision. All the flavours are completely natural, GMO free, never tested on animals and sealed into top quality plastic bottles. To put it simply they tick every box when it comes to manufacturing a top class, entirely safe and reliable E-Liquid.

Plenty Of Flavours To Choose Between

Don’t expect gazillions of flavours! We’ve seen that some of VSAVI’s rivals now offering several dozen flavours from their ranges, but as may well be expected this company focuses on quality more than quantity. At time of writing there are ten different flavours available, with a nice mix of tobacco, menthol and fruit/dessert themed E-Liquids available. All of these are available in either 10ml or 30ml sizes, and also via three-vial introductory packs.

When tested we’re happy to report that there’s not a dud among this selection, with the VG base really delivering a fabulous and heady vape. Personal favorites must include the spectacular Arctic Menthol and Strawberry Cream that are very highly recommended indeed!

So overall it’s fair to say that VSAVI (previously known as EcoVape) E-Liquids are a great choice for vapers looking to enjoy something a little special. They taste noticeably higher quality than most for only a very slight price premium.

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Click REVEAL COUPON to view the discount code. Simply enter code at checkout.

Daniel Archibald-Jones

Daniel Archibald-Jones