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VSAVI CBD Oil Drops Review

VSAVI CBD Oil DropsCBD oil drops are pretty new to the UK but have been around overseas for years.

Many people looking for a regular, clean and easy dose of CBD find this to be much more convenient than vaping – and it’s easy to see why.

Containing no active cannabinoids (THC) or other impurities, the VSAVI CBD oil drops are an intriguing range and well worth taking a closer look at.

Here’s all you’ll need to know.

What Are CBD Oil Drops?

Plenty of people believe that CBD can be useful in addressing various health issues and the principle is along the same lines as medicinal cannabis use.

We’re not here to judge whether this is the case or not, but there’s certainly a clear distinction between good quality and pretty shoddy versions.

VSAVI don’t tend to pull any punches when it comes to delivering top drawer products, and their CBD oil drops are superbly produced.

VSAVI CBD Oil ReviewSure there’s the usual clinical lab production methods and packaging, but the really important point here is the choice of olive oil as the extraction agent.

It has been proven to far surpass other solvents for delivering a close to perfect extraction ofterpenes and cannabinoids. In plain language, this means that the user is receiving a product that fully delivers and will not lose potency any time this century.

How & Why To Use VSAVI CBD Oil Drops

Just to be perfectly clear – these are not for vaping! They are administered orally by squeezing a couple of droplets underneath the tongue. The oil is totally organic and has no artificial flavourings.

For those who are looking to vape, they also have a range of VSAVI CBD vaping oils available.

Finding the correct dose is the tricky bit, and one of the reasons why VSAVI are offering a wide variety of concentrations. These start at 3% (300mg) and go as high as 15% (1500mg) and there really isn’t any science other than trial and error to find a dose that works for your needs.

As a rule of thumb, it’s always best to try and work up to a dose instead of beginning too low or high – but that is easier said than done!

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The good news is that there are masses of forums with people discussing the doses they found helpful – just be aware that this is a premium product and many overseas oils are generic and not close to this standard of CBD oil.

If we had to pick from the VSAVI range a good option would be one of the 5% and see how that works out. Remember that regularity of dose is just as important as concentration (all strengths come in 10ml vials).

Overall we have to say that folks looking to try the benefits of CBD vape oils will struggle to find a better product quality and range than these in the UK right now.

Recommended for anyone looking to try something new!


Click REVEAL COUPON to view the discount code. Simply enter code at checkout.


Click REVEAL COUPON to view the discount code. Simply enter code at checkout.