Posted April 20, 2016 by Daniel Archibald-Jones in E Liquid

Vapouriz Pocket Fuel E-Liquid Review

Range Of FlavoursIf there’s one aspect of vaping culture that we Brits still haven’t quite yet managed to take on from over Stateside it’s the amazing variety of wild and wacky themed e-liquids that they seem to produce with ease. In the US, e-liquid mixology is a genuine pastime that is taken very seriously indeed, with individuals building huge collections of juices to blend in their pursuit for vaping perfection.

There’s a very real market for these styles of e-liquid as many vapers are getting increasingly turned off by the standard tobacco/menthol themes, especially as there’s now such variety on the market too. Importantly plenty of craft e-liquid is now being manufactured by companies themselves (sometimes paying good money for recipes created by private enthusiasts) as a viable alternative to more ‘vanilla’ flavours.

Here in the UK attempts to produce our own hybrid flavours have been patchy so far despite occasional very notable successes, but now Vapouriz – one of our leading e-cig companies – have released their Pocket Fuel range that looks to delight and dazzle more inquisitive vapers. So without further ado let’s take a look through their range and see how they match up to their American heavyweights.

Range Of Flavours

Vapouriz Pocket FuelThere’s plenty of variety in this range so we’ll best address them from ascending order of size. At time of writing the Vapouriz Pocket Fuel range available in 10ml vials consists of:

  • Vapes of Hazzard (US Tobacco)
  • Black Jack (Anise & Liquorise)
  • Gator Juice (Citrus & Menthol)
  • Moonshine (Liquor & Caffeine)
  • Pink Fizz (Strawberry & Champagne)

All of these funkily named e-liquids contain what Vapourize call ‘special’ ingredients that help deliver maximum flavour, and are available at 18mg strength with a 80/20 PG/VG ratio ideal for day-to-day general vaping.

Next up we have even more exotic sounding concoctions available in 20ml size. These tend to be slightly more expensive depending upon your supplier. They are really rather special indeed, as they are designed with sub-ohm vaping in mind at an astonishing 10/90 PG/VG split – so expect lots and lots of clouds!

  • Pocket Fizz Dripper (Strawberry & Champagne Citrus)
  • Blueberry Pancakes Dripper (Pancake & Blueberry Syrup)
  • Gateaux Noir Dripper (Chocolate, Jam, Whipped Cream, Cherry!)
  • Grand Cru Chocolat Dripper (Caramel, Chocolate & Nuts)
  • Key Lime Pie Dripper (Lime, Meringue & Cream)

All of these flavours are set at just 3mg of nicotine so they’re really intended only for use with high cloud producing set-ups. As mentioned the PG/VG split is absolutely fantastic and very similar if not even higher to most US imports that can be easily sourced in the UK, with the idea being to generate massive amounts of entrancing vapour. Also included in the range and worthy a mention but at a slightly lower price are the sub-ohm configured:

  • Blue Raspberry (Icy Slush Themed)
  • Blueberry Pancakes (Blueberry Syrup, Pancakes, Milk)

Quality Of Flavours

Whether opting for one of the more ‘general’ lines or the specialist sub-ohm range, the flavour profiles from this range really are exceptional. It’s quite common with specialist e-liquids to find that they tend to lean towards the sweeter, more decadent extreme of taste sensations and these are no exception. The great thing is that while full of flavour they are also very soft and gentle on the throat, which is something that many sub-ohm vapers in particular will appreciate over longer sessions. Also worth pointing out is that these are good value too, being generally priced only a little more than most standard e-liquids.

Do bear in mind that high VG proportioned e-liquid isn’t really suitable for standard e cig configurations as it tends to be much thicker and will likely clog unsuitable atomizers and tanks. However for those who have a quality sub-ohm set-up – which happily are far more affordable nowadays than they used to be – these are fantastic tasting e-liquids that genuinely deserve a try.