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VaporFi Review

VaporFi ReviewVaporFi have been a long standing favourite Stateside for a number of years now, offering a wide range of products suitable for any level of Vaper. It’s easy to think ‘oh yeah, another great company – they’re all great!’ but VaporFi truly are a world class operation, offering arguably the best cig-a-like quality products all the way through to mods that resemble a light sabre. Not only this, but for sheer value for money there’s no pretension involved here – they’re probably the best pound for pound value company going in regards to starter sets.

However, what really sets VaporFi apart from the masses, and a firm reason behind the brand loyalty that they manage to maintain so well among their customers, is the amazing quality of their e-liquids. Individually the liquids are fantastic, yet they offer an incredible service whereby customers can use their website and mix and blend their own concoctions of flavours. Ever wanted to find out how Belgian chocolate, watermelon and whisky may taste mixed together (likely disgusting)? Now you can, and this service means that there’s literally tens of thousands of potential blends to be explored and discovered.

VaporFi’s Best Introductory Product

VaporFi Express Starter Kit

VaporFi Express Starter KitAs mentioned above VaporFi offer a wide range of starter kits, many of which are extremely generous in regards to the number of batteries, cartridges and e-liquids they contain. However for sheer quality and value – exactly what VaporFi are all about – the VaporFi Express Starter Kit is, in my opinion, the best going anywhere.

Slim, sleek and usinglithium ion technology that really helps deliver a consistent draw over the course of a day, every inhalation is going to be smooth as silk with no chance of burning dry hits whatsoever. Even better the kit includes two such batteries (one high capacity) which are capable of hitting 4.5V of power, which is pretty much ideal for any transitional ex-smoker who needs a little extra kick.

It’s an ideal set-up for anyone new to vaping as it’s incredibly straightforward to use – it literally just screws together, and at it’s price point is unbelievable value for the performance it offers.

VaporFi’s Best Advanced Product

VaporFi VOX 100 TC MOD

VaporFi VOX 100 TC ModConsidering their reputation for absolute quality above all else, it should come as no surprise that their box mod units are among the best, most powerful and comprehensive on the market. Usually I’d shy away from using a box mod as an example of a company’s best product, as it still remains a niche in the market that may not help the general user. However given the standard already of their products, in this case it’s worthy as an alternative as it truly is a remarkable device.

Offering a top of the range 100W of sheer power, the VOX 100 TC Box Mod also includes world class temperature control settings that ensure even the most demanding, technically minded Vapers receive absolute satisfaction every time. It’s remarkable how so much raw power can fit into something smaller than a packet of cigarettes, with a beautiful build perfect for both on the move and more leisurely vaping.

Why VaporFi Stand Out

Across the board VaporFi products are designed for the absolute finest performance at the lowest possible price point. Few companies who attempt such a business strategy ever accomplish this, but with VaporFi it’s perfectly possible to start very low down the spectrum and slowly advance through the range as with every new purchase you’re simply guaranteed to receive something even better. In the large part this explains why they’re so popular as their products match the highest quality of each price bracket.

Their starter kits are hands-down the best place for anyone curious about vaping to get a taste of what it’s all about without risking spending an excessive amount of money on something that might not be suitable for them. This makes them an ideal gift or incentive for people wishing to quit smoking, as their products aren’t just great value, they’re also high performance and will deliver that hit that many smokers feel is lacking in lower range vaping devices.

Not to mention the e-liquid – genuinely a mark of inspiration, and perfectly highlights how customers of VaporFi can be as basic or advanced as they wish, and still receive a world class service every time.


Click ACTIVATE DISCOUNT and the discount will be automatically applied at checkout! Valid for all Vaporfi purchases. E-liquids are not discounted. No coupon code necessary.


Click ACTIVATE DISCOUNT and the discount will be automatically applied at checkout! Valid for all Vaporfi purchases. E-liquids are not discounted. No coupon code necessary.