Posted July 4, 2014 by Daniel Archibald-Jones in E Liquid

VaporFi E Liquid Review

One of the most important areas to consider when it comes to vaping is the e-juice selection on offer by a particular company. In an ideal world these need to taste great, ensure a terrific level of vapour production with a wealth of choice when it comes to both strength and flavours.

Some brands offer a frustratingly limited choice – one well-known brand has just three different flavours on offer. Many brands offer a very reasonable selection of perhaps a few dozen flavours which seems great until you look at VaporFi’s thousands of possible selections and realise they truly are a class apart.

VaporFi are actually one of a quartet of sister companies who all belong to the International Vapor Group. Very reasonable prices and quick delivery times are just two factors that ensure that their e-liquid comes highly recommended but the word variety is key and applies to both strength and flavour.

VaporFi offer one of the highest strengths of nicotine available with their bold option clocking in at 36mg per millilitre – twelve percent higher than on offer from just about any other brand. The 24mg option is of course also present and then the strengths decrease in increments of 6 mg until hitting nicotine free.

The flavours are divided into various different lines including tobacco, menthol, fruits and desserts. Importantly, vapour production and the taste are both consistently terrific. Unusually, VaporFi allow the user to specify how strong a particular flavour is with the choice between single, double and triple shots.

However, the customisation options are far from over with a very special custom blending service on offer with up to three flavours especially mixed to the customer’s request. With over seventy different flavours to choose from, that means the possibilities are almost endless with over thirty thousand different combinations available at the last count.

With so much choice, there really is a flavour for everyone. Our recommendations include the creamy yet vibrant Summer Freshness, the icy Cool Citrus and the delicious mix of tobacco, caramel and vanilla that is Tobaccolicious!