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V2 Cigs Review


Updated For 2019

V2 Cigs ReviewV2 have been operating in the UK for several years now, and have already won over a legion of support for the accessibility, quality and very – very – fair pricing for such generously supplied top quality kits. Unfortunately they no longer have a presence in the States as of late 2018.

So, having allegedly sold more e cigs than any other manufacturing company in the world, it’s fair to assume they must be doing something pretty special.

But as they say, never believe the hype – so let’s take a closer look at this phenomenon and see if they really do put their might where their mouth is in our V2 Cigs UK review.

Best Overall Value Product

V2 Cigs Ex Series

v2-ex-seriesV2 have made much of their name on the fantastic value and quality of their kits, and with this being their latest release they’ve pretty much blown the opposition out the water.

The great thing about the V2 EX is that it represents a genuine enhancement upon what was already arguably the best on the market.

The standard kit supplies two incredibly sleek batteries that have been enhanced with brushed steel for a truly classy feel, as well as notable performance and practical improvements.

Through a series of little lights the battery allows the user to monitor how much power is remaining – a great touch – as well as a super impressive 280 mah (industry standard for this style of kit is around 180 mah).

Their cartridges are the personification of ergonomic design, now incorporating a small window so that the user can track how much juice they have left in the tank too.

The vape itself is world class for this price range, delivering a clear, consistent and heady full flavour with every draw.

Empty cartridges are also available for those wishing to use non V2 e liquids, being simple and clean to refill.

Best Overall Premium Product

V2 Pro Series 7

v2-pro-7The latest edition of the V2 Pro Series 7 is a groundbreaking example of the way multipurpose vaping is going, offering a dry leaf, e-liquid and wax cartridge capacity thanks to it’s interchangeable components.

The introduction of the e-liquid compatibility was much anticipated in advance of the release, and it was simply something V2 had to get right in order to make such a premium product work right.

Quite frankly, it’s superb!

The power from the battery allows for the most satisfying long deep draws that would compare with the elite level single-purpose e cigs out there.

Everything about the Pro Series 7 is bigger and better than the already fine Series 3X.

In regards to dry herb vaping, not only is the tank considerably larger, but it’s also easy to attach and withdraw too, while cleaning out residue is straightforward thanks to a supplied cleaning kit.

The wax cartridges have yet to arrive on these shores at time of writing, but hopes are they’ll make this a genuinely magnificent three-in-one device.

The Overall Best Features Of V2 Cigs

Brand loyalty is a rare thing when it comes to vaping nowadays.

I can very easily imagine that there’s plenty of people out there who would gladly stick with this company from the very beginning, quite simply because every time they release a product – it’s a significant improvement on it’s predecessor.

A genuine upgrade, well worth buying for the enhancements that it offers on older generations.

While the Series 7 is a highly specialist device aimed at a very particular share of the market, the EX Series is a genuine example of how utilitarian this company can also be.

They make great products better, and unless they have a crystal ball that can only be achieved by their listening to their fans and making the improvements that are requested.

The design build is second to none, and this is followed through all the way from their most basic shisha style pens to the aforementioned V2 Series range.

This is also true for the quality of their e-liquids which are very good indeed – and that’s not something that all too many manufacturers get right all the time.


Click REVEAL COUPON to view the discount code for V2 Cigs in the UK. Code valid for everything purchased, including starter kits, E-Liquids and other accessories. Simply enter code at checkout.


Click REVEAL COUPON to view the discount code for V2 Cigs in the UK. Code valid for everything purchased, including starter kits, E-Liquids and other accessories. Simply enter code at checkout.