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UK Ecig Store Review

UK Ecig Store ReviewWho says it’s impossible to review a company who stock literally hundreds of products all under one roof?

The range of products stocked by UK Ecig Store is absolutely bewildering, with everything from shisha sticks all the way through to highly technical advanced mod kits.

Quite how they’ve done it, heaven only knows, but they have and hats off to them for going for such a level of saturation that there’s literally something for anyone with any budget.

However, the down side for any Aladdin’s cave is that while there may be gems to be found, how does the range perform across the board? After all, we’re looking for total quality here, which is especially fair in this case especially for a company that tries so hard to please so many.

It’s worth pointing out here that UK Ecig Store have absolutely brilliant pricing. That’s an absolute established fact; with powerful box and vape mods available for under £50 for example.

Plus there’s even a bricks and mortar store with a very good reputation for helping anyone in need of a little hands-on expertise.

Best Budget Product

The One Kit 2016

The One Kit 2016Clearly designed to appeal to people looking to step up their vaping from a cig-a-like style product to something a little more advanced, The One is a brilliant value means of giving it out at try.

Usually ranking top of charts in customer popularity, this lovely device offers not just everything needed to get vaping to a much higher standard than outdated ‘replica’ style products, but is a great starting point for anyone completely new to vaping altogether.

Offering ahigh capacity 1000mAh battery that’s also capable of up to 14V of power, The One is a stylishly finished and well engineered device that while managing to really look ‘the part’ actually performs it too.

A nice addition too is a large capacity tank for a device in this price range (2.5ml), with one coil included and even a 10ml bottle of e-liquid too.

Overall it’s a lovely piece of kit that delivers great performance with the sheer minimum of hassle.

Best Premium Product

The One Sub Ohm Plus Kit

The One Sub Ohm Plus Kit‘What? A premium product selection that isn’t just less than £50, but also the same range as the basic option?’ I hear you complain.

But yes, and it’s the sheer value of what is a high quality and performance piece of engineering that makes this stand out from the range.

Sure there’s more expensive and higher end products to choose from, but this one wins by a whistle as it presents an excellent means for the legions of people curious about box mod vaping to try it without spending a small fortune. Plus it’s a very impressive performer too!

Offering between 5-50W of power delivered via a 2500mAh battery, this smart and compact little device can easily handle sub ohm vaping for those looking to experience truly heavenly clouds.

Also featuring high quality temperature control, an OLED display and easy to configure settings, it’s designed very much for people new to advanced vaping without scrimping on the essentials.

Perhaps best of all, and again this has to be factored into the sheer value of this product, is that not only does it come complete with a high quality tank, but also a pair of coils and even a specially configured 10ml bottle of VG enhanced e-liquid.

If vaping retailers ever used such a concept of ‘loss leader’ I’d be inclined to think it must be this, because this is one of the best value starter kits for box mod vaping.

Incredible value that puts many competitors to shame.

Why The UK Ecig Store Stands Out

It’s easy to be dismissive of a company that stocks such an amazing variety of products, but fact of the matter is that vaping nowadays has moved on so far across the board, that it’s genuinely possible for a store such as this to exist without having any really substandard products.

That said, The One range are both magnificent options for existing vapers and wannabe box modder to try out quality vaping at a high performance level.

One last thing worth mentioning is that the UK Ecig Store are also very well known for the quality and – again – huge selection of their own brand of e-liquids.

It’s refreshing to see a company so confident in themselves and their business plan.


Click REVEAL COUPON to view the discount code for UK Ecig Store. Simply enter code at checkout.


Click REVEAL COUPON to view the discount code for UK Ecig Store. Simply enter code at checkout.