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Love CBD Indica CBD E-Liquid 250mg Review

Those who know their marijuana strains will be well aware that there are two main families – Indica and Sativa.

The latter tends to grow tall and thin and is typically associated with carrying more of an upbeat and invigorating effect.

Love CBD Indica E-LiquidIndica – which is the focus of this review – tends to be shorter and wider, and delivers a more mellow and relaxing kind of ‘high’.

Now obviously, the whole point of CBD extracts is that they retain as little psychoactive THC as possible (in this case well under 1%) but lose none of the potential health boosting cannabinoids and terpenes.

This latest offering from the highly regarded Love CBD group claims to be extracted predominantly from Indica sources, and that it does provide an element of that characteristic ‘chill out’ sensation. Does it really? Let’s find out.

Legit Indica Sensation Or Psychosomatic?

We’ll cut straight to the chase and try to ascertain if there is a genuinely noticeable difference between using this specifically Indica based e-liquid compared to a generic or full spectrum one.

With the 10ml containing a very reasonable 250mg of CBD alongside Indica terpenes, we can say with confidence that providing a person isn’t naturally resistant that this e-liquid is going to have some effect.

Obviously, it will not make anyone high but after a few five draw sessions over the day, there was a very clear-cut sense of feeling a bit more chilled out than usual.

It’s difficult to explain for certain how much that can be ascribed to the Indica or if it is just a damn good quality CBD e-liquid – but either way, it certainly felt very good.

As ever, don’t forget that there’s never any guarantee that what one person experiences will be exactly replicated with another.

Body chemistry varies and plays a huge role in how effective any CBD product can be in addressing both physical and psychological issues.

Yet in this case, we’ll stick our collective neck out and suggest that this particular specialist e-liquid may be one of the best going. It’s fast acting, certainly calming, and you only need a little to feel the relief settle in.

Longevity depends on how many draws you take, but as a rough estimate five deep draws lasted a good two/three hours – but results may vary!

A Superbly Produced E-Liquid

Having tested all sorts of CBD e-liquid in the past, one factor is consistently key in measuring the overall effectiveness and quality of the product. This is simply the integrity of the manufacturing process.

Love CBD has a hard-earned reputation within the industry for being borderline obsessive when it comes to producing as natural a product as possible.

All of the cannabis/hemp used in their range of products is grown without exposure to any pesticides, herbicides, artificial fertilisers or other nasty chemicals.

In our assessment, this is the fundamental reason why their e-liquids tend to be effective with a wider range/greater proportion of people than lower grade products.

It isn’t just the quality of the herb that helps make the likes of the Indica CBD e-liquid effective. The extraction process also uses no chemicals.

Co2 is a more time consuming and intensive manner of extracting the active cannabinoids and terpenes but is well worth the effort because what comes out the other side is basically as pure as it gets. What else do you want from a supplement?

Make no mistake – this is a premium product with an admittedly premium price tag, but when used specifically and sparingly to address issues as they arise it will last a long while and can – in many cases – provide real relief.

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Regardless of the slightly questionable difference the Indica focus makes, the fact remains that what we have here is a truly outstanding e-liquid that is going to be really appreciated by those who are receptive to CBD.

Used sparingly and as a stand-alone kit it’s possible to see the 10ml bottle lasting a fair old while, and for this reason alone it can actually be considered as real value for money.

If you know that CBD makes a difference to your condition, are happy to vape, and want a top of the line product – there really is very little need to look much further.


Click REVEAL COUPON to view the discount code. Simply enter code at checkout.


Click REVEAL COUPON to view the discount code. Simply enter code at checkout.