Posted February 20, 2018 by Daniel Archibald-Jones in Information & Articles

How To Refill Your E Cig With E-Liquid

Refilling e cig cartridges with liquid is really simple, yet it can be somewhat daunting for people who are new to the vaping community. This is quite understandable and not helped by some manufacturers providing very imprecise instructions with their product, so here we’ll take a step by step guide to refilling e cigs with e-liquid.

Understanding Your Kit

It’s easy to get confused with the vaping terminology and really important to understand your set-up before trying to carry out any refill.

Most cartridges cannot be refilled unless they are specifically designed for that purpose. Some are, most aren’t and are simply one use then throwaway. If possible for your device it pays in the long term to use refillable cartridges as the liquid is much cheaper than buying replacements every time.

Assuming we now have refillable cartridges let’s move on to a quick note about liquids. All liquids can be used in any e cig (performance will vary depending upon build quality) and are available in thousands of flavours and differing quantities of nicotine. Make sure the liquid you are using is agreeable to your palette and a suitable strength for your satisfaction.

There’s two common methods for refilling e cigs with e-liquid:

The ‘Drip’ Method

Most liquids come with a dripping nozzle that can be gently squeezed to withdraw the liquid. Simply open up your cartridge (remove any polyester filling) and carefully squeeze drops directly in. Be careful not to overload (it’s a waste of liquid more than anything else) and once filled to the appropriate level close it up leave it to soak in for a couple of minutes.

Carefully open it up again and see how much of the liquid has been absorbed – you may wish to top it up a little but again be careful not to overflow. When satisfied push the cartridge closed again and enjoy your vape!

The ‘Syringe’ Method

This works best for some electronic cigarettes that are a bit more fiddly and is a precise way of avoiding damaging the atomizer while also allowing for literally zero wastage. Load a little liquid into the syringe (you won’t need much), remove the cap from the cartridge and insert the needle right into the middle. Then gently press the syringe so that the liquid loads up nice and level.

Replace the cap and use the syringe to return any unused liquid to the bottle. Don’t keep the liquid in the syringe as it’ll likely go stale quite quickly, and do remember to wash the syringe out with warm water after use to prevent flavours cross-contaminating.

There’s plenty of useful resources online that will provide step-by-step videos to show how to fill the cartridge for any device too.