Posted October 3, 2016 by Daniel Archibald-Jones in Information & Articles

How To Fix A Flooded Atomizer

In terms of vaping, the drip tip is one of the greatest inventions since the invention of the electronic cigarettes themselves with many users greatly enjoying the fact that there are no disposable cartridges or gauze filling to worry about; however its introduction has created another problem – the flooded atomizer.

A flooded atomizer occurs when the e-juice ends up onto the battery connection after travelling down the centre of the atomizer.

There are three main symptoms to look out for which indicate that the atomizer is flooded – there might not be a light on the battery button, you might hear a gurgling sound when you try to vape and little or no vapour is produced when using the e-cig.

The last of these symptoms could be the most significant as it may make you inadvertently make the problem worse.

To get just a little technical for a moment, inside the atomizer of the electronic cigarette is a heating coil, which is wrapped around a wick.

A little bit of liquid is held by the wick, which keeps the coil wet.

If you then add more e-liquid when the wick is already saturated, the atomizer will flood.

There are a number of reasons why you might do this – it could be because the atomizer is getting old and produces less vapour than when it was new which makes you assume it is going dry or it might simply be because you have lost track of when the last top up was.

Either way the increased liquid results in the same problem – a flood which now needs fixing.

Thankfully the process of fixing a flooded atomizer is a relatively simple one – although it’s worth reiterating the point mentioned above that the atomizer could well be past its prime – there’s no cure for a heating coil gone bad (which does not heat as evenly or quickly as it should) other than to buy a new one.

It is sometimes possible to remove all of the excess e-liquid and continue vaping.

To do this first remove the drip-tip from the electronic cigarette and remove the atomizer.

User paper towels to wipe the surfaces and be very careful when making sure the battery contacts are dried off completely and remember to also dry the outside of the atomizer.

A good tip is to hold a paper towel behind the atomizer and then blow hard to clear the liquid from both ends.

Once the cleaning process is completed, reassemble the e-cig, add a few drops of e-liquid and allow it to settle.

After this short wait, you should be back in business!