Posted October 3, 2016 by Daniel Archibald-Jones in Information & Articles

How To Clean An Electronic Cigarette

As with a lot of other things in life, an electronic cigarette needs care and protection in order to give it a long as opposed to short life.

E-cigs get used frequently in everyday life and hence – no matter how many steps the user takes to avoid this – will end up cluttered and clogged in all manners of dirt and grime. It is important to know just why an electronic cigarette needs cleaning and more vitally how to go about the cleaning process.

First we come to the why – in a nutshell keeping your electronic cigarette clean will guarantee constant efficient levels of vapor production, will stop the e-liquid from tasting stale and will make sure that the battery does not die. To expand on the latter point – one way of achieving a dead battery is through wet terminal connections which are caused through the e-liquid seeping through the holes of the battery and which can also damage the charger – effective cleaning will prevent this. The two former points are symptoms of atomizer problems that are again caused by poor maintenance, which mean the e-liquid is not wicked properly before being vaporised.

Those are the reasons why an e-cig should be cleaned and now for the simple process of how to achieve just that. Making sure you have a small supply of paper towels readily available, unscrew the atomizer from the e-cig and remove the drip tip assembly from the battery as well as the drip protector or atomizer cone (if applicable). Press the paper towel against the battery end of the atomizer and gently blow through the drip tip so that any old e-liquid is forced into the towel at the other end. A good tip for this stage is to fold the paper towel into a square as it absorbs more that way.

To clean the battery of the e-cig, after inspecting it for residue that may be caught in the threads of the battery, you could again use a paper towel to assist in the cleaning – however an easier approach is to use cotton swabs. By soaking the swab in rubbing alcohol, a gentle circular motion enables the threads of the battery to be cleaned effectively.

Once the cleaning process is complete, it is a simple matter of reassembling the e-cig. Make sure that you allow a short while as the e-liquid is soaked into the wick before using the e-cig, otherwise you may find yourself having to repeat the cleaning process all over again!