Posted October 3, 2016 by Daniel Archibald-Jones in Information & Articles

How Much Are Electronic Cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes have continued to increase in popularity over the last decade and as many people switch from conventional tobacco smoking to vaping as a healthier alternative, a common concern revolves around the area of finance as they want to know exactly how much the e-cigs cost. Many new vapers are pleasantly surprised at the savings they make.

The electronic cigarette market is a relatively new one that is ever changing and as such it is difficult to calculate an exact average cost. Although the market is still quite young and underexposed, the e-cigs are readily available at such local establishments as newsagents, chemists and the like with a greater wealth of options available online. Of course the price is variable and is a little bit dependent on the image the retailers are attempting to create and of course the materials used in the design of the e-cigs.

The price of starter kits varies roughly between fifteen and one hundred pounds, but as with most things in life it pays to avoid the really cheap models. The cheaper versions usually do not last as long and hence it is better to invest in a more expensive but more reliable model. That does not mean you should go with the most expensive however – as a bit of clever shopping (with the help of online reviews) will uncover several great value for money products.

The biggest outlay when it comes to vaping is at the beginning of the e-cig journey as a starter kit will need to be purchased (of course disposable e-cig options are available but these will not work out any cheaper). However, savings will be made in the long run – one cartridge is roughly equal to one pack of regular cigarettes but has a price that works out much lower.

There are so many factors when it comes to doing the maths if you try to consider the quantity of savings the switch to vaping will make (usage is a very good example) but it will always work out much lower with a potential saving of up to sixty percent on the old tobacco habits! Finally consider the indirect costs that are also saved by vaping – no accessories such as ash trays, lighters and hand creams are required and in the long term the chances are many health costs will also be avoided.