Posted May 20, 2014 by Daniel Archibald-Jones in Information & Articles

How Long Does It Take To Quit Smoking With E Cigarettes?

A frequently asked question is how long will it take to quit smoking using electronic cigarettes? The answer is that particular question is almost a trick one – electronic cigarettes should not really be classed or described as aids to quit smoking or even as totally healthy. That being said, they can still help the user to certainly quit the most dangerous elements of conventional tobacco smoking.

Say Goodbye To Cigarettes

The first step for a traditional tobacco smoker looking to switch to the electronic cigarette world (which is known as vaping) is to obtain the best fitting product for them. There are many different products out there from cartridge-based systems to those that use tanks. The good news is that there are websites out there that are able to help you make that decision on which product to select.

These e cig reviews will list all the top-selling products from the best e-cig brands and list all the advantages and disadvantages each have to offer.

The change to an electronic cigarette from its conventional counterpart is a big one and is also a huge improvement health wise. The burning of a standard tobacco cigarette creates thousands of chemical compounds many of which are responsible for causing cancer – and they harm practically every organ within the human body. Not only has the switch to vaping eliminated all of this, but the nasty smells plus other less pleasant effects such as stained teeth are also done away with and the new vaper will have improved their social perception into the bargain.

So good, so far but as previously stated it is wrong to describe vaping as totally healthy. The reason for this is that the e-cig probably still contains an amount of nicotine. This stimulant is what gives that familiar buzz to the brain and this happens incredibly quickly, but the downside is that it can make the user feel depressed and nervous. The good news is that with vaping, it is possible to control the level of nicotine intake as most brands offer a variety of strengths from full to medium to light to zero. Hence the next step for those wanting to eliminate their habit is to reduce the strength levels, which should be a slow and gradual process.

It can often be difficult for new users of electronic cigarettes to choose an E-Liquid with the nicotine strength which is right for them. The chart below should help decide:

How To Choose E Liquid Strength

Most companies offer nicotine-free options meaning if the user still has the desire to smoke, they can use their e-cig without the stimulant. And that is why the question mentioned at the top of this article is slightly on that tricky side – as explained it is wrong to describe e-cigs as totally healthy or as a quit smoking aid but they can certainly aid users to quit the habits that are very harmful to their health.