Posted March 1, 2014 by Daniel Archibald-Jones in Information & Articles

How Long Does E Liquid Last?

Social VapingOne of the most common questions that new users have when considering whether to switch to vaping with electronic cigarettes is also one of the most trickiest to answer, as that question concerns the duration of the most obvious consumable involved in the process – just how long does the e-liquid last?

The reason this question is difficult to answer is because so many variables come into play depending on the user’s habits.

There can be no definite answer given to the question on how long the liquid will last, but it is possible to provide an estimate. It has been reported that on average customers tend to use between one and three millilitres of e-liquid on a daily basis and this is quite a good guide to have – on that basis a fifteen millilitre bottle of e-liquid would probably last between seven and ten days whilst a thirty millilitre bottle could potentially supply a month’s worth of vaping.

Another good basis to consider is to compare how long the e-liquid will last when put against the traditional cigarettes. A rate considered average among smokers is using three or four drops of e-liquid to yield roughly fifteen puffs – on this basis a standard fifteen millilitre bottle of e-liquid will last more or less the same as fifteen packs of traditional cigarettes.

Using An E CigThere are many different models of electronic cigarettes available and each one will consume the e-liquid at a slightly different rate to the next. We have already mentioned that the user’s habits can affect the expected duration – this is most obvious in terms of how frequent the use is, but other factors such as the length of the user’s draw can also be a big influence. Heavier vapers tend to take longer and deeper puffs and a typical rule of thumb is the higher strength of nicotine, the faster the e-liquid will be expended. Also with higher nicotine strengths, the chances are the user is more dependent and will vape more frequently with the obvious consequence of exhausting their e-liquid supply quicker.

There are some less obvious factors as well which can all have an influence on the e-liquid’s duration – for example, with such a wealth of flavours on offer, some will have more resin and some will have more waste. It’s advisable, therefore, to read E Liquid reviews before you buy. Finally waste may also occur if the cartomizer is getting old or needs cleaning, however variation in the volume of the vapour produced is a good indicator of this.