Posted April 12, 2014 by Daniel Archibald-Jones in Information & Articles

Halo G6 vs V2 Cigs

The vaping industry has enjoyed a phenomenal growth and as a result there are so many different products to choose from, it can be difficult to know which electronic cigarette to pick – these days customization options are key and two reputable companies who provide a wealth of quality options are Halo and V2 Cigs.

Halo E-LiquidThe Halo G6 is an electronic cigarette that very closely resembles the size of a traditional one and therefore is an excellent choice for those looking to make the switch from conventional tobacco smoking to vaping or indeed for those seeking a more compact unit, however with one option to make being the choice of using blank or pre-filled cartomizers this means the G6 is also highly suitable for the more advanced users who want to keep their options open but at a competitive price. The choice of cartomizer is not the only choice with the Halo starter kit that has to be made with nine colors to choose from plus decisions to be made concerning the battery length and whether they are automatic or manual.

This battery choice is also available in V2’s products with the company offering a wealth of different kits to suit all tastes. The V2 Cigs Economy Kit enables newcomer vapers to learn the ropes without breaking the bank, there are various travel packs for vaping on the move and the couple’s kit is perfect for lovers – or just friends sharing the vaping experience. The most complete package V2 offer is the ultimate starter kit – at first glance the cost for this seems on the high side, but once the exhaustive list of contents have been examined it is obvious the package represents great value for money as it includes a choice of three batteries and twenty-five cartridges alongside a wealth of charging gadgets and other accessories.

V2 Cigs Shisha PenWhile V2 Cigs offer great value for money with an array of tailor made packages so that there is something to suit every type of vaper, Halo’s range is also very cost effective. All of Halo’s kits have been terrifically designed with an appealing futuristic element and the G6 in particular is extremely comfortable to hold with its smoothed brushed metal finish to the batteries.

Both Halo and V2 provide a very decent selection of e-liquid flavors, all of which are provided in five different strengths and V2’s special seasonal flavors are very much worth keeping an eye out for. V2 Cigs provide three different tobacco flavors, but this is well beaten by Halo with a selection of a dozen and a special range of gourmet flavors joins their tobacco and menthol lines.