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Halo E Liquid Review

Halo E-LiquidE-liquid is one of the most important aspects of vaping – not only should a brand be willing to provide a rich variety of both flavors and strengths, but in our opinion the e-liquid needs to meet the triple threat – that is to provide a decent hit to the throat, be great tasting and give high levels of vapor. Luckily, Halo satisfies all of our demands and more!

Halo’s team have spent countless hours to ensure that their e-juice tastes the best – after all that it is the first sense to be heightened when vaping. Their full range of flavors manages to be rich and yet not overpowering at the same time, without any horrible after-taste side effects. The thick vapor provided is reminiscent of the electronic cigarette’s conventional counterpart and uniquely and importantly Halo have also found a way of providing that throat hit without the requirement of any extra nicotine.

It is worth mentioning the emphasis Halo place on strong quality control for all of their e-liquid with the base ingredients as well as the finished products always stored under tightly controlled climate conditions. The e-liquid is manufactured by trained chemists in proper laboratory conditions who follow rigorous procedures. All batches are shipped with both lot numbers and expiration dates.

There are currently twenty-two different flavors made available from Halo for their e-liquid with an impressive twelve options in the tobacco line. With its very light semi-sweet top note coupled with a relatively mild tobacco flavor, Turkish Tobacco comes highly recommended for light tobacco smokers and has an excellent throat hit while producing amazing vapor levels. Another option Tribeca actually blends different tobacco flavors along with sweet hints of caramel and vanilla to give a taste that is delicious while again providing tremendous vapor levels with a strong hit to the throat. The other options in the very diverse tobacco line include Midnight Apple, Captain Jack, Southern Classic and Voodoo.

Halo Cigs E-Liquid - Made In USA

Halo also has a menthol line of which the strongest option is the icy punch packed SubZero. There are three other options available in the line with the crisp and clean CoolMist joined by Mystic and Menthol ICE. There is also a gourmet line, which features half a dozen specialty flavors. Malibu is a fruity cocktail made with Malibu rum and although the throat hit is on the lighter side here, the vapor production is still very good. Belgian Cocoa tastes exactly as its name suggests it should do while managing not to overdo the sweetness, while Kringle’s Curse is an intriguing blend of interesting peppermint flavors that just happens to taste fantastic. Completing the gourmet line-up are Cafe Mocha, Twisted Java and Shamrock.

A couple of final points to note are firstly that Halo provide their e-liquid in bottles of both seven and thirty milliliters in size, with variety packs for the experimental coming in bottles of the smaller size. Finally to their credit, and in contrast to some other brands, each flavor is available in a choice of five strengths ranging from the highest concentration at twenty-four milligrams of nicotine per milliliter down to nicotine free.


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