Posted February 16, 2018 by Daniel Archibald-Jones in Information & Articles

Five Essentials For Identifying Top Quality CBD Oil

Choosing CBDCBD oils have finally hit the big time and while in some ways that’s great, this exposure is always going to bring with it scammers and charlatans looking for a fast buck. It can be very tricky to know what to look for in a quality CBD vaping oils – as it’s hardly the kind of thing you can easily try before you buy.

For those new to CBD, these oils are extracted from marijuana/hemp and are believed to be able to help with many health issues. CBD comprises 40% of the marijuana plant and is non-psychoactive. The majority of oils are actually extracted from commercial hemp – which contains all the ‘goodness’ without the high.

So how can we wheedle out the garbage and identify the real deal? We’ve chatted with a few of the best-known vendors and manufacturers and this is a compendium of what they had to say.

1 – The Extraction Method Is Crucial

At the moment the CBD industry is totally unregulated. This means that regardless of how the extraction of the CBD is carried out, the manufacturers can pretty much slap any old label on it without obligation to explain how they made the product. Avoid any company that doesn’t willingly explain their process – if it is ‘bargain basement’ in price it is certainly going to have involved dangerous industrial solvents. Anyone for a hefty dose of hydrocarbon extract with their CBD?

On the other hand, manufacturers who use quality processes will never stop going on about it! These involve the use of laboratory standard ethanol and/or CO2 based extraction (the same as coffee companies use to remove caffeine from their beans). This is a time consuming, expensive process which explains why these oils are much pricier – but it ensures the finest oils possible.

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2 – Check The Hemp

Just like any plant the quality will vary depending on how and where it was grown. Much commercial grade hemp is grown from soil that is heavy in metals such as lead or even mercury. Obviously, these are not ideal for human consumption in any form – yet low-grade oil producers use it to keep their costs down. Remember – this industry isn’t regulated, so pretty much anything goes for now.

So check out where the manufacturer sources their hemp. Most will be happy to respond to any queries, and the one to look for is any hemp grown in the USA. There are strict quality rules in place there which require governmental certification and inspection = the best natural hemp.

3 – THC Is Not Desirable!

No matter how carefully hemp is processed there is always going to be a residual amount of THC. This is unavoidable simply because one batch of oil may involve many hundreds of plants. Poor quality manufacturers will simply not mention their THC levels.

However, the best in the business will look for no more than 0.2-0.3% THC in their final oils. This is not important in any psychoactive sense, but instead for maintaining the integrity of the final product.

4 – Look For Whole Plant/Full Spectrum Labels

The Manufacturing ProcessDoes it matter if the processing involves a whole plant or just CBD ‘isolates’? Yes, it does! Isolates may sound like a good idea – but the problem is that it skips out on all those juicy flavonoids, terpenes, and other cannabinoids that help make CBD such a ‘full spectrum’ product. These do not dilute the CBD, they actually enhance it.

Understandably full plant extraction adds to the production costs so you’ll find literally every single company that uses this method clearly use ‘whole plant’ or ‘full spectrum’ on their labelling/product description. Choose them.

5 – What Do The Experts Say?

Independent lab testing is a really good indication of whether or not a CBD oil is all it claims to be. Obviously, if you’re a manufacturer who knows they have a dud product you aren’t going to send it off to be tested by a third party. But if you have top-drawer CBD oils, then it is one of the first things any sensible manufacturer would do.

All reputable producers will list their latest results on their website. If not, drop them an email and ask.

Final Thoughts

So where do these useful little tips leave us? The rule of thumb is those legit manufacturers of CBD oil such as VSAVI are going to be incredibly transparent when it comes to explaining the provenance and quality of their product.

No doubt it won’t be long before CBD oil is more officially regulated which will hopefully force these standards upon everyone involved in the industry. But for now, just be wary of anything that appears cheap – as it will likely also be packed with nasties.