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Yihi SX Mini M Class Mod UK Review

Yihi SX Mini M Class
Yihi SX Mini M Class
Yihi SX Mini M Class


In Short: This kit contains:
  • 1 x Yihi SX Mini M Class Mod
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x Manual
  • 1 x Warranty Card
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Solid build
Excellent quality
Simple to use
Up to 60w regulated power


Not cheap, but worth every penny

Our Full Review

Yihi have long been acclaimed as one of the leading designers for chip-sets for Mod devices, and having recently taken to producing their own devices it’s fair to say that with the SX Mini M Class they’ve brought out one of the best mod products ever. The M class represents a major step up from their S class range with advanced temperature control and one of the most highly configured,ergonomic designs yet to be seen anywhere cross the vape scene. Make no mistake this is a capital, top of the line product with a price tag to match – but here’s what makes the Yihi SX Mini M Class so special.

Market Leading Design Features

Yihi have pulled no punches with their M class mod – indeed they even held up production because they weren’t 100% satisfied that they had on their hands the absolute best to use mod on the market. The materials used across the device are top of the range, the weighting is perfectly balanced, and it slots absolutely perfectly into the palm – even the buttons feel sturdy and most definitely long lasting too.

As would be expected of Yihi the technical display is second to none and incorporates all the information needed to manage and maximize the quality of the vape. Real time battery status, resistance, voltage, temperature control and power usage are among the main features that put the user in absolute control of the performance of their mod. Even better theSX350J firmware is up-gradable, helping make this device super-compatible and sure to last a very long time indeed.

Staggering Range Of Settings

Regardless of how someone likes their vape, they can be sure that this mod will deliver exactly how they like it thanks to a fantastic range is available settings. Temperature can be set between 100C-300C, incorporated temperature and voltage protection is second to none, output voltage can be anywhere between 1V-9.5V and wattage is a standard 60W up-gradable to 120W with extension.

The temperature control settings are worth an additional mention as they support resistance as low as 0.05 ohms, making this an ideal choice for anyone into rebuilding their coils. The SX Mini M Class will also warn users when their coil has become too dry.


As would be expected this is pretty much the perfect vape, offering staggering performance that will delight users of all preferences. It really has to be tried to understand quite how fantastic the vape production is from this mod, and I’d wager that users who enjoy this device for years will never experience a dry-hit or even a hint of burn. Battery life should be enough to provide for a full days usage unless settings are kept on super-maximum constantly.

Our Final Thoughts

All signs are that this is the future of mod vaping and while there’s no doubt going to be much more to look forward to in coming years, for now this is one of the very few elite products that is 100% worth the investment. With sensible care there’s no reason why the Yihi SX Mini M Class shouldn’t last for years of use, and personally I don’t think there’s a better interface currently available on such an also superbly designed product.


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Daniel Archibald-Jones

Daniel Archibald-Jones