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VOID Vaporizer Review & 10% Off Coupon



In Short: This kit contains:
  • 1 x VOID Vaporizer (1500mAh) with a 2ml Tank
  • 1 x Atomizer Head 0.6 Ohm for Sub-Ohming
  • 1 x Atomizer Head 1.0 Ohm
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable
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Battery Life



Value For Money

Total Score



Great with PG and VG
High capacity tank for its size
Virtually leak-proof
Capable of sub-ohming
Available in 6 colours
Child proof function
TPD compliant
Impressive battery life
Durable construction

Our Full Review

The first thing anyone will notice with the VOID XEO Vaporizer is that it’s an interesting piece of kit.

At first glance it looks like a typical pen style device. A pretty lightweight, no-frills kind of vape that has a rather sharp ‘torpedo’ style design.

However looks can be deceiving; under the hood this is a very impressive and surprisingly multi purpose kit that delivers a top drawer vape.

There’s lots to like about this vaporizer, so let’s get stuck in to the details!

The Void Vaporizer Is Optimized For All Styles Of Vaping

Void XEO VaporizerRegardless on whether using PG or VG based e-liquid, the good news is that the VOID vaporizer will easily handle both – and also do so with impressive style.

This is thanks to the inclusion of two distinct atomizer heads within the kit. These are designed for either a standard, on-the-go casual vape (1.0 Ohm) or a more headier cloud based sub (0.6 Ohm).

Either way, this versatility is a crucial reason in why this is an optimum product.

Plenty of people like to enjoy both sub-ohm and practical vaping, yet it’s sometimes inconvenient to play about with settings, coils and e-liquids.

Rather remarkably, this compact little superstar is easily switchable thanks to a very straightforward control panel.

Long gone are the days of needing to meddle about – with the VOID XEO vaporizer you can switch from casual to advanced vaping in literally seconds.

Top Quality Engineering

One of the absolute best trends in current vaping has been the huge improvement of overall design quality.

This is a very well built kit that’s renowned for being not just 100% leak proof (a huge plus), but also made from premium class alloys.

Given it’s comparatively very reasonable price point, the VOID XEO vaporizer is the kind of product that even just a year ago would have easily cost trice its current value.

By no means should that imply that this isn’t a quality kit. It’s just the way the market is going, and striving to match consumers ever growing expectations.

It’s also worth noting that this is a German designed and manufactured device, therefore totally compliant with current EU and TPD legislation. Not only is this a temperature controlled device, but also features built in child safety precautions too.

Great Aesthetics

Given the sheer power delivered by the 1500mAh battery, and it’s svelte general build, this is a great option for anyone needing a reliable yet pocket sized vape.

Charging is via the standard micro USB cable (supplied) and on full capacity will deliver at least 300-400 puffs depending on personal settings. Even more so, it’s available in a choice of four colours!

Overall, this is a top quality bargain kit that will offer everything the casual vaper may wish for.

Its simple design shouldn’t mask the fact that it’s secretly very high performance, incredibly reliable and above all very consistent at what it does.

Highly recommended!


Click REVEAL COUPON to view the discount code. Simply enter code at checkout.


Click REVEAL COUPON to view the discount code. Simply enter code at checkout.