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VaporFi VOX 60 TC MOD Kit & 12% Off Coupon

Vox 60 TC
Vox 60 TC
Vox 60 TC


In Short: This kit contains:
  • 1 x VaporFi VOX TC 60w Mod
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
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Battery Life



Value For Money

Total Score



Fits nicely in your hand
Small, compact device
Temperature controls
Long battery life
Fast to charge
Very well built

Our Full Review

VaporFi aren’t the kind of people who do things by half, and their VOX 60 packs an almighty amount of power allied with superb functionality too.

Anyone already experienced with the qualities of the VaporFi VOX range will be familiar with most of the features, as in this case it is very similar to the VOX 50 except it obviously packs an extra 10 Watts of power.

That being said those extra watts can go a long way in terms of delivering maximum performance, especially when applied to a device that also features some of the best temperature control features anywhere on the market.

A Superbly Adjustable Box Mod

There’s plenty to respect about VaporFi but one of the absolute best characteristics that sums them up is the amount of individual functionality that they attach to their products.

It’s more common nowadays than it used to be, but the VOX 60 TC allows users to adjust the wattage of their unit by as little as 0.1 – allowing for absolute control over the intensity of the vape as well as accounting for battery usage too.

It’s also worth mentioning that the box mod can also be set for variable temperature settings, whereby it will conveniently operate at what it believes to be an ideal temperature.

Alongside this smart temperature control is a similar degree of freedom when adjusting atomizer resistance.

Again this can be adjusted manually or left for automatic regulation depending upon the temperature the box mod is operating at, a really useful feature that’s especially good for people new to the importance of controlling these settings on a higher level or performance.

Delivers A Fantastic And Consistent Vape

Just as would be expected from this technical and highly powerful unit, there’s also plenty of other settings that can be adjusted to personalise a perfect vape.

Most vapers will be familiar with being able to manually adjust the airflow that circulates through the device, helping produce greater clouds with less effort.

Likewise juice flow can also be controlled when used with an appropriate tank set-up, and alongside a premium high VG ration e-liquid the performance is little short of mind blowing (check out the VaporFi Reserve collection if you can source it).

Impressive Battery Performance

Many people used to struggle with box mods because the battery wouldn’t last as long as might have been expected; yet the VaporFi VOX 60 handles itself especially well in this regard when used with sensible settings.

A common mistake for many new box mod users is to set the device especially high and forget to change it to a more mellow setting throughout the session – and with the intelligent controls and self regulating settings included in this mod there’s no excuse for tearing through the battery like there’s no tomorrow!

Remember You’ll Need A Tank!

Like most premium level box mods this kit doesn’t come complete with a tank as standard, yet VaporFi assure that all of their up to date ranges are entirely compatible.

While this needs to be factored into the purchase, it does allow for even further freedom as VaporFi manufacture a fabulous range of tanks to choose from.

It’s also worth mentioning that the kit does come with a battery though!


The VaporFi VOX 60 offers that little bit more, and while an extra 20% might not seem too much of an improvement on the VOX 50 it can be really noticeable – especially for more demanding users.

While far from a cheap product, it does carry all the features and specifications you’d expect from a quality box mod unit and would be an excellent purchase for anyone looking to either upgrade from an existing set-up or who wants a product that is likely going to last a very good while indeed.


Click ACTIVATE DISCOUNT and the discount will be automatically applied at checkout! Valid for all Vaporfi purchases. E-liquids are not discounted. No coupon code necessary.


Click ACTIVATE DISCOUNT and the discount will be automatically applied at checkout! Valid for all Vaporfi purchases. E-liquids are not discounted. No coupon code necessary.