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VaporFi Orbit Vaporizer Review & 12% Off Coupon



In Short: This kit contains:
  • 1 x 2200 mAh Rechargeable Orbit Vaporiser
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush
  • 5 x Mesh Replaceable Filters
  • 5 x Silicone Mouthpiece Covers
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Battery Life



Value For Money

Total Score



Very easy to use
Great price
Good battery life
Quick warm up
Gorgeous solid design


The mouthpiece could be slightly better built

Our Full Review

Over Stateside dry herb vaping is all the rage, especially thanks to the liberalisation of the laws surrounding the recreational and medical use of marijuana.

Offering a tobacco-free means of enjoying dry herb that naturally lessens the health risks that until recently 90% of marijuana users would automatically be subjecting themselves to by traditional rolled-smokes, the VaporFi Orbit is one of the best and most popular options on the market.

Here we’ll take a look at what makes this product so effective for dry herb vapers.

Easy & Accessible To Use

One of the biggest bug-bears that can come with dry herb based devices is that they can be a chore to optimize and find the ideal temperature for enjoying your herb.

The VaporFi Orbit is much easier to set up than most, using just a single button to select and determine temperature at three pre-programmed levels.

Likewise, loading the herbs straightforward and the supplied five mesh filters only take seconds to clean and replace, meaning that overall the VaporFi Orbit is a dream to use.

Thanks to extensive temperature controls and a reassuringly heavy-duty mouthpiece there’s likewise no unpleasant back burn to sting the lips either.

Magnificent & Clean Vapour

Despite using a smaller battery than many competitors the VaporFi Orbit backs a mighty punch, delivering genuinely consistent and delicious vape throughout even longer sessions.

Producing impressive clouds that are as full-bodied and satisfying as they are visually impressive, this pocket sized contender performs to a level that is rarely seen in all but the most specialist dry herb vape pens.

I’d happily compare the vapour production and quality of the VaporFi Orbit to that of a top-of-the-range shisha pipe so consistently great is the user experience.

Practical & Reliable Product

Battery life is always especially important when it comes to dry herb devices as they do use a great deal of power – after all they are essentially portable mini-ovens!

The good news is that the Orbit has a very impressive battery life that will more than do the job, even when used in a group-vaping context thanks to the temperature control system that prevents the device from overheating and wasting power.

Besides this spare filters cost next to nothing for replacements and extra spares, as too do new mouthpieces should the need arise for a refresh.


Dry herb vaping can be daunting for new users but the VaporFi Orbit represents easily one of the best ways of getting into this burgeoning trend, offering comparative ease of use with elite-class performance.

Bear in mind that this product is only suitable for dry herb – users of wax or oils will need to look elsewhere – but otherwise this is without doubt one of the very best dry herb vape pens out there.


Click ACTIVATE DISCOUNT and the discount will be automatically applied at checkout! Valid for all Vaporfi purchases. E-liquids are not discounted. No coupon code necessary.


Click ACTIVATE DISCOUNT and the discount will be automatically applied at checkout! Valid for all Vaporfi purchases. E-liquids are not discounted. No coupon code necessary.

Daniel Archibald-Jones

Hi. I’m Dan and I’ve been vaping since 2012. Prior to that, I was a 20-a-day smoker for over 10 years. I launched Vapor Cigarette in 2014 to review the limited range of vaping products available at the time, and to help other smokers who were thinking of switching to e cigarettes. Read more >