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V2 Classic Ultimate Starter Kit Review & 10% Off Coupon



In Short: This kit contains:
  • 2 x Standard Batteries
  • 1 x Long Battery
  • 25 x Cartridge Refills
  • 1 x Charger & Wall Adapter
  • 1 x 2 Amp Car Travel Adapter
  • 1 x Personal Charging Case XL
  • 1 x Metal Carry Case
  • 1 x V2 Power Cig
  • 1 x Lanyard
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Battery Life



Value For Money

Total Score



Comes with a car travel adapter
Great quality
Battery lasts surprisingly long
Very decent throat hit


At first glance, this kit may appear to be expensive, but it provides you everything you need to potentially vape for months!

Our Full Review

V2 Cigs are a vaping company who offer a whole array of starter kits to suit all tastes ranging from basic starter kits such as the Economy version, all the way through to the Ultimate Starter Kit, which really offers the complete package.

At first glance the impression given is that the kit may be over-priced but once the contents – and it’s an exhaustive list – have been examined, it’s obvious that the Ultimate Kit really is a good deal.

Five of the contents are even upgrades featuring newer or more powerful versions of what’s gone before.

V2 Cigs Economy Starter KitDesigned around the specifications of the user’s choice the kit contains twenty-five cartridges, a choice of three batteries, a wall adapter, a car travel adapter, a smart charger, a charging case, a power cig and a carry case.

Throw in a lanyard for anyone who wants to wear the e-cig around their neck along with a user manual to explain everything and it’s obvious that the kit contains every accessory or vaping gadget that any user will ever want.

Attention to detail is a big part of this stunning kit and therefore unsurprisingly the presentation is also great.

The kit comes in a large sturdy and durable box with all the contents nicely packaged in foam inserts.

The user gets to select any combination of V2 Cigs manual and automatic batteries for the three provided in the kit, two of which are V2 Cigs standard ones while the third is a long one.

The batteries have a decent enough life, although it’d be helpful if the blue flashing indicator to signal when they are low on charge gave a greater warning.

The kit also features some terrific accessories – the power cig enables vaping on the move once it’s connected to a USB port, the smart charger reduces the charging time while incorporating safety features to prevent overheating and the portable charging case is one of the most sophisticated of its type around.

The PCC can charge an e-cig battery up to eight times before needing to be plugged in and has space for one charging battery along with three cartridges.

Finally the cartridges come in five packs of five, each available in four different strengths including nicotine free.

The dozen different flavours, which are sub-divided into three lines, are authentic tasting and produce great levels of vapour.

The Rich Tobacco line tries to match the Old School smokes, the Cool Menthol line includes Peppermint and Mint Tea alongside Menthol itself and the flavours in the Speciality line-up are Coffee, Chocolate, Vanilla and Cherry.