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SMOK Mag 225W Kit Review & 5% Off Coupon



In Short: This kit contains:
  • 1 x Smok MAG 225W box mod
  • 1 x TFV12 Prince Tank (2ml)
  • 1 x V12 Prince-Q4 0.4ohm quadruple coils
  • 1 x V12 Prince-T10 0.12ohm decuple coils
  • 1 x USB Charging Lead
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Battery Life



Value For Money

Total Score



Ergonomically designed
Choice of three colours
High-def OLED display
Genuine SMOK product
Extremely powerful
Easy battery installation
Short circuit protection
3 power modes
Excellent value for money

Our Full Review

Well, somebody had to do it. After years of speculation, SMOK has finally bit the bullet and released a pistol grip mod!

The suitably named SMOK Mag 225W Kit is designed to provide the ultimate ergonomic grip, while also – and let’s be honest here – looking to satisfy the ‘edgier’ side of the vaping market.

While this design may not appeal to everyone, it does certainly work a treat.

Despite the opinion-splitting style, underneath that grip is a heck of a good mod that is one of the best releases we’ve enjoyed trying out so far this year.

The Design & Style

Colour OptionsFirst things first – let’s get the pistol style out of the way.

In all honesty, it is a smart design and you soon learn to ignore the vague feeling that every time you take a draw you’re sticking a gun in your mouth!

There’s a variety of several suitable bling colours to pick between (rainbow, anyone?).

Regardless of which style you pick, this is a weighty mod – 265g without battery or the Prince tank installed – which is going to put some people off.

That being said, the build quality is smart and reassuringly well finished despite the glaring bling.

Reassuringly, there are six air vents to help with cooling, something which is necessary because this device packs a lot of power.

The Specifications

Obviously, the 225W output is the headliner here.

Using a dual 18650 battery system (again accounting for that excessive weight) the output ranges between 6-225 W with resistance between 0.1 to 3 ohm in variable voltage mode, and 0.05 to 3 ohm when configured to temperature control. That’s more than enough power to satisfy any vaper, and especially those who demand outstanding sub vaping.

Settings are controlled via a huge OLED display which packs a variety of extra ‘fun features’ such as being able to change display colours and so forth.

What is impressive – and ought to be expected from such a powerful unit – is that varying the settings really do make a noticeable difference in performance and output.

SMOK is renowned for the precision of the products and even though they’ve taken a radical approach to designing the Mag 225W, that underlying quality is there more than ever. Very impressive indeed.

Filling Instructions

Overall Performance

The kit is straight forward to assemble straight from the box.

Included is everything you need to get vaping besides your e-liquid, with a TFV12 Prince Tank pre-installed with 0.4 ohm quadruple coils, spare 0.12 ohm coils (amazing quality btw) replacement glass, USB charger and a handy little screwdriver kit for changing components.

Assembly takes no time at all, and the settings are very straightforward to navigate.

We tested the SMOK Mag 225W initially with the preinstalled coils at 120W, and frankly, it was absolutely stunning.

Such a smooth and solid vape demands real respect, and as mentioned above there is a clear difference between higher and lower intensity settings.

Thanks to the dual battery system we’d guess that a regular vaper would get a day’s worth of regular use from the SMOK Mag on medium/lower end settings, which given the power of this unit is typically more than most other mods on the market!

Fire Key


The only reason why some people are going to be put off by this amazing mod is going to be the pistol design, which in all honesty isn’t really that noticeably ‘gangster’ when in use.

What we have here is a very impressive, high-performance mod that would be an excellent choice for vapers who are looking to step up into the seriously heavyweight range.

Cloud chasers will be blown away (forgive the analogy) by the SMOK Mag 225W and we can’t recommend it highly enough.

Another excellent product from one of the best vape companies in the business.


Click REVEAL COUPON to view the discount code. Simply enter code at checkout.


Click REVEAL COUPON to view the discount code. Simply enter code at checkout.