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PAX Era Review



In Short: This kit contains:
  • 1 x PAX Era Device
  • 1 x USB Charger
  • 240 mAh Battery
  • App Enabled
  • Bluetooth
  • 1 Year Warranty
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Battery Life



Value For Money

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Very easy to use
Produces a robust vapour
Wide temperature range
Dual-end wicking
Fits easy in your pocket
LED communication


The cartridges aren't available online (for obvious reasons)

Our Full Review

PAX Labs are often referred to as the ‘Apple’ of vaping, and just like the tech giant each new release creates a heck of a buzz among their loyal fan base. Although originally released only in California and Colorado late last year (two states with permissive marijuana laws) such has been the success of the PAX Era that it’s now increasingly available across international markets via third party vendors. As we’ll see in this Pax Era review this is a legit 5-star product, which if you can get your hands on one and have access to oils (this is extract only) then you’re on an express route to paradise!

Overview Of The PAX Era

So what makes the PAX Era such a great product? Quite simply it has all the features that any extract vaper could wish for, combining elegant and intelligent design with quite simply phenomenal performance. It has been designed with the intention on making extract vaping as tidy and straightforward as possible, using pre-filled and refillable capsules that simply slot into the sleek battery unit. It’s designed to be operated purely via reflex with the oven automatically firing up with a quick shake and instantly ready to use. Otherwise all settings are controlled via a Bluetooth tethered phone app. Space age vaping is truly finally here!

Key Features Of The PAX Era

Let’s start with the performance. Given it’s stateside retail price of around $60 the vape this unit delivers is absolutely incredible thanks to a unique dual coil design. Each capsule contains 0.5g of extract which amounts to an impressive 300-400 puffs depending upon temperature settings, with each being uniformly smooth and consistent thanks to the powerful 240 mAh battery included within the package.

It really does deliver an epic vape, the kind of quality that you’d usually expect from a product two or three times as expensive. The cent from the vape itself dissipates very quickly, so there’s no need to worry about thick lingering clouds.

Moving onto the design, it may take a little getting used to for people new to the PAX Labs line of products but it becomes second nature in no time. This device is intended for both casual on-the-go as well as session vaping, with the battery life and performance settings indicated by four interchangeably flashing lights. There’s no control panel per-se, all other options are controlled via the app. So you can see why they’re often compared to Apple!

Overall it’s a beautifully minimalist three inch long pen crafted from bead blasted anodized aluminium. Each full charge will last about an hour straight from the box, with recharging taking only 45 minutes or so via any micro-USB socket.


Literally the only drawback of the PAX Era is simply how difficult it can be procure one outside of the green states! Bear in mind that the cartridges aren’t available online (for obvious reasons) and until the rest of the world liberalizes their laws it’s very tricky to get hold of one. Yet for those who can make use of it, there’s no doubt that this is one of the very best designed such vaporizers on the market right now. It delivers a great vape, is reliable, easy to use and comes complete with masses of temperature control safeguards. A genuine five-star product and a well worthy addition to the PAX range.

Daniel Archibald-Jones

Daniel Archibald-Jones