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PAX 2 Vaporizer Review

PAX 2 Vaporiser
PAX 2 Vaporiser
PAX 2 Vaporiser


In Short: This kit contains:
  • 1 x PAX 2 Vaporiser
  • 1 x Charging Cable
  • 1 x USB Lead
  • 1 x Cleaning Kit
  • 1 x Flat Mouthpiece
  • 1 x Raised Mouthpiece
  • 10 Year Warranty
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Gorgeous modern design
Strong vapour production
Long battery life
Simple controls
Built to last
Intelligent heating
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Not suitable for e-liquid or extracts

Our Full Review

Dry herb vaping is already a big deal in the USA. On the other side of the pond, dry herb vapourizers are the hottest product going right now, as people look to enjoy their favourite dry herbs without mixing them with dirty old tobacco. This has caused a subsequent great leap forward in the quality of these devices, the pinnacle of which is the PAX 2 dry herb vapourizer.

Before going deeper into the merits of this cracking little device, it’s worth noting that in one form or another vapourizers for herb have been around for many years. In the past they used to be bulky to the degree of hardly being portable, temperamental, prone to dangerous overheating and eye-wateringly expensive. Packing what amounts to a super high powered oven into a pocket sized unit is technically a massive challenge – and credit were it’s due, the team at PAX have pioneered this better than anyone.

The PAX 2 follows on from the original PAX which was released a couple of years prior. That model sold well and did a decent enough job, yet there were niggles with the mouthpiece, tank size and above all else battery longevity that all needed to be improved upon. Now we’ve that all clear, let’s take a gander at the PAX 2 and see how well they’ve overcome this challenge.

PAX 2 Vapourizer: An Overview & Notable Improvements

PAX 2 UKThe first thing you’ll notice when you take the PAX 2 out from the box is a feeling of – ‘is that it?’. It’s much smaller than you might expect, especially compared to many other dry herb vapourizers out there that are the equivalent bulk of a medium sized torch. However – don’t be fooled, because underneath that smartbrushed anodized aluminum shell (available in 4 colours!) is a heck of a lot of vaping power.

PAX reckon, and tests suggest that they’re right, that the smaller, lighter and slimmer PAX 2 battery will last at least a third longer than that enclosed within the original PAX vapourizer. Technically speaking, that’s a great leap forward, and one that’s really helped thanks to an intelligent chip that monitors heating and cooling systems according to power use and demand. What this means is that your PAX 2 is watching the battery for wastage, and adjusts temperature accordingly to conserve battery life. Very smart indeed.

Credit were it’s also due for including a much larger oven – again about a third larger that the old model – that also has a much more ergonomic design, slotting easily into place and being a piece of cake to brush clean of debris. Once the oven is loaded up and turned on, the PAX 2 was ready to go within less than a minute – testimony again the the phenomenal power held within that sleek little battery.

The mouthpiece was – unfortunately quite literally – a sticking point for some users with the original PAX, who tended to find that the mouthpiece clogged up too easily and was uncomfortable to draw from over long sessions. It’s a matter of personal taste of course but this has been addressed by making the device have a slightly unusual flat mouthpiece – to which a more traditional lip can be added if desired. In both cases it works smooth as you’d like, and is testimony for a company that listens to it’s customers and their suggestions. Good work guys.


In terms of dry herb vaping the PAX 2 is the real deal, the device that so many people have wanted for so long has finally arrived. Offering a supremely efficient, reliable and refreshing means of enjoying your favourite herbal mix, all in a handy pocket size, this product sets the benchmark for what this kind of vaping is all about.

An updated model – the PAX 3 is now also available.

Daniel Archibald-Jones

Daniel Archibald-Jones