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Kanger Subox Mini Review



In Short: This kit contains:
  • 1 x KBOX Subox Mini VW/TC Mod
  • 1 x SUBOX CL Glass TANK Mini
  • 1 x CLOCC 0.5 sub-ohm Coil Fitted
  • 1 x CLOCC 0.5 ohm Spare
  • 1 x Kanger Authenticity Card
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Micro-USB Charging Lead
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Battery Life



Value For Money

Total Score



Decent battery life
Best sub-ohm mod under £40
Light-weight and highly portable
Up to 50W of power
Sub-ohm device
Very easy to use
Delivers huge clouds
Virtually leak-free
OLED screen
New airflow design
Childproof lock (tank)
Best price in the UK?

Our Full Review

Compared to just a couple of years ago it is pretty amazing the quality of products you can pick up nowadays for little more than pocket change.

We can thank rapidly improving vape technology and a saturated marketplace for that, which brings us neatly to checking out the rather incredible Kanger Subox Mini.

This sub-ohm vaping kit aims not just to deliver an excellent vape experience straight from the box, but importantly is also designed to allow users the option of stepping up into more advanced realms of vaping.

Ever wondered about designing and building your own atomizer?

Kanger have designed this kit to be as customizable as it is user-friendly, and while a little pricier than some alternatives there are plenty of advantages to this product that set it ahead in several key areas.

Kanger Quality & Performance

Kanger is one of the biggest names in vaping and have a vast array of medium-premium standard products that for years have been among the best in the business.

The Subox Mini is specifically designed for sub-ohm vaping offering an output of up to 50V and powered by replaceable Samsung 2500mAh batteries.

While there are units out there offering far greater output, the fact is that for 99% of sub-ohm vapers this voltage and battery is going to offer easily enough power.

As would be expected this device offers very precise temperature and voltage settings, variable airflow (apparently a new design) and all the safety features any responsible sub-ohm vaper could ask for.

More important is the quality of the tank design. Supplied with the kit comes aSubox CL TANK Mini which utilizes vertical coils for maximum e-liquid absorption (delivering thicker, tastier clouds).

Users who decide to start modding their own coils will find that the Kanger Subox Mini includes pre-programmed temperature and wattage settings for nickel, titanium and NiChrome coil wires.

If that sounds like ancient Greek to you, then fret not – the differences are very noticeable between materials and there’s plenty of online resources to explain how to design/source materials for your own coils.

Of course, not everyone is going to want to be setting up a little workshop for building their own coils/atomizers (although it can save a lot of money).

The Subox Mini carries a staggering amount of vapour for such a modestly sized unit, with the quality of the tank helping take the output from ‘impressive’ to ‘very good indeed’. Flavours are rich, consistent and with a reassuring lack of dry hits.

Subox Mini CL

Is The Kanger Subox Mini Worth The Outlay?

It’s a little more expensive than similar models out there, especially when you consider that the battery must be bought separately (available as an option at most online checkouts).

Slightly irritating as this may be, in the grand scheme of things the additional outlay is a tiny amount to spend for a device that offers not just an excellent sub-ohm vape, but also has scope for more advanced vaping.

Also bear in mind that unlike many budget sub-ohm devices, having replaceable batteries is actually a good thing as it means, in theory, this unit should be able to last for years.

Overall, a really impressive offering from Kanger that is perfect for both the curious and ambitious vaper!


Click REVEAL COUPON to view the discount code. Simply enter code at checkout.


Click REVEAL COUPON to view the discount code. Simply enter code at checkout.