Our Full List Of E Cig & Vaporiser Reviews

Using E CigsHere at Vapor Cigarette we are dedicated to helping you find the best electronic cigarette for your needs. If you are going to live a tobacco-free life, you will need to find an e cig that suits you, and to do that you need to know what unique features each of the top brands of e cigs provide.

Needless to say, you do not want to go through a dozen brands to find the one that works best for you, and this is where our detailed reviews come into play. We aim to teach you everything there is to know about the best vaporisers on the market today, ranging from simple disposable electronic cigarettes to cutting-edge vaporising kits and tanks. Each device we review has been personally tested by us.

We write for both the experienced vapor, and those who are in the process of making the switch from regular cigarettes to e cigs. We inform you of the most important aspects and differences between each brand, relating to the e liquids or cartridges, batteries, styles, starter kits, and of course the flavours available for each product.

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Apollo Reliant 60w
Apollo Reliant 60w
Apollo Reliant 60w
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What Are The Main Types Of E Cig You Can Buy?

We know as well as anyone how daunting it can feel for people new to the vape-game, as while thing shave become much more accessible in recent years there's still plenty of confusing jargon to get used to when deciding upon what kind of product is best for you. Here we'll take a techie-talk free run through of the most commonly found types of vape devices out there, starting from the most basic all the way through to the super-advanced.

Cig-Like E Cigs (Starter Kits)

E Cig Starter Kits

As the name implies these very much resemble a tobacco cigarette both in terms of size and ease of use, and are by far and away the most frequent entry point for people getting into vaping.

They're designed very much with ease of use in mind, and usually are comprised of simple screw-together components and cartridges that are very straightforward to operate. Often these models are supplied in kits which will contain a large number of refills, accessories and charging units making them a really good way of trying out vaping without the potential expense or intimidation of more technical products.

The really good news is that cig-likes have come a long way in recent years. Where they used to be quite under-powered, nowadays the best brands provide a superb casual vape without any necessary fuss, and are a great option for anyone needing a lightweight, discreet option that still packs a reassuring punch!

Ego-Style Pens

Vape Pens & Shishas

Many users will eventually step-up to the Ego style pens as they allow a greater degree of variety and e juice options while still remaining simple to use and operate. Fact of the matter is that there's a world of difference between a quality ego style pen and a substandard model, with the latter being unfortunately rather commonplace in a saturated marketplace.

Truth be told that with this series of devices you really do get what you pay for. A quality Ego vape pen will be leak-proof, easy to use and deliver a consistent and deliciously reliable vape, and for plenty of people this kind of model will represent the plateau of their vaping career.

Tank Kits

E Cig Tank Kits

Often these are much larger than their lesser powered compatriots as they require a more powerful battery to meet the often substantial demands of the tank. Such models usually have a number of options and settings that can be adjusted to align the vape just how the user likes it, most commonly through variable wattage and voltage features. When properly configured such units can create awesome clouds of vapour with a pretty much untouchable quality of flavour and 'hit'.

Tank kits have become very popular in recent years as they do offered a sublime user experience, yet of course there is a necessary learning curve in terms of understanding compatibility between tanks/batteries and so forth. For this reason they are best purchased in the kit form that will come complete with components designed for each each other as well as extensive support offered by the manufacturers.

Increasingly common within the top of the range lines of the tank set-ups is the capacity to attach cartridges that allow for the vapourizing of dry herbs and even tobacco, making them incredibly versatile and truly all-in-one devices.

Mechanical & Box Mods

Mechnical & Box Mods

Pretty much as far from a cig-like vaping option as you can get, these extremely powerful models more resemble a packed of cigarettes in terms of size and allow for the production of extremely deep and heavy clouds of vapour with unparalleled performance.

Thanks to having comprehensive temperature control, wattage and voltage settings box mods allow the user to experience the heady delights of sub-ohm vaping, a liquid-intensive speciality vape that creates an experience close to that which may be generated by a hookah-pipe.

This style of vaping isn't necessarily for everyone as it can be really rather intense when set up for optimal performance, yet the option to vary so many settings towards a more casual configuration has made them increasingly popular as a go-to day on day choice thanks to their ever improving functionality.