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The Best UK Dry Herb Vaporizers 2020

Best Dry Herb Vaporizer UK

Dry Herb Vaporizers are taking the UK by storm as these powerful and impressive products allow their users a far cleaner, healthier and consistent means of taking in their herbs.

The quality of these devices has massively improved over just a couple of years, as too conveniently their price has plummeted too!

Competition is the name of the game, and now is a fantastic time for the curious to take a look at what dry herb vaporizers are all about.

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What To Look For In A Dry Herb Vaporizer

There's no shortage of devices out there. All but the most budget conscious should aim for products that have the following features as they massively improve performance.

  1. A good range of variable temperatures and control settings. Each herb - and indeed person - is different, with some preferring a mellow light vape while others requiring more expressive clouds. As a general rule, temperatures should be set between 200 and 225°C.
  2. Build quality is very important as you'll be taking your vaporizer apart frequently to refill the tank/oven. Look for sturdily designed kits (doesn't have to be massive) with well finished components, and ideally also a decent sized oven that easily detaches for cleaning and refill.
  3. Battery life is especially important for seasoned vapers. As a rule this has improved across the board recently. This will deplete quicker depending on settings used, so automatic temperature settings that keep your vape fresh yet efficient are a big plus. The V2 Pro Series 7 is an excellent example of this.
  4. Other features such as mouthpiece, control panel and supplied components will be of more interest to some users than others. The first three points are much more important than supplied sundries when choosing a quality device. Less can literally mean more in some cases!

Portability & Practicality

The latest dry herb vaporisers are capable of day-long battery usage at optimal settings. The Orbit is especially good here at an entry level price range for session vaping.

In terms of size, check out the power of the battery rather than its bulk. It's not uncommon for bulky budget choices to be un-weildly and short-lasting in this regard.

All the products mentioned here will deliver very high performance - far in excess of a shisha pen and far healthier than blending with tobacco too!

Frequently Asked Questions

It would be a disservice to automatically associate dry herb vaporizers with cannabis, however there's some degree of provenience with the wide-scale recent decriminalisation of the drug in some US States (where the majority of these products are designed).

With vaping, whatever starts in the States will make it's way over here - usually pretty quick - and there's an undeniable market for these devices here in the UK too.

However cannabis is not the only dry herb out there, and certainly not the only reason why people find the dry herb vaporizers such great products.

There's hundreds of medicinal herbs that are suitable for use in such devices. Examples would include chamomile for sleepiness, peppermint for energy and lavender for mellowness.

Dry herb vaporizers allow people to enjoy 'smoking' these herbs in a safe and easily controllable manner without needing to mix with tobacco or take through a shisha based device.

First of all, they're still in their infancy and good models can be expensive - on the plus side however there's very few parts that will need changing very often.

Vapour2 produce really high standard products - both their Pro Series 3X and Pro Series 7 are comparatively affordable and perform very well even with regular or prolonged use. They also warm up quick - look for devices like these that have a good range of variable temperatures too as it can make a surprising difference with flavour and duration.

Likewise, bear in mind the speed that the device warms up. Around a minute is pretty ideal - this shows not only that the vaporizer is well powered, but also that it'll likely have excellent temperature control and consequently deliver decent and consistent vape safely.

Oven capacity and structure is also quite important - try and look towards large capacity with a nice even balance - this helps prevent the herbs from burning.

Check out reviews for ease of cleaning too, as this can become an issue (some brands provide clean-up kits that can be worth their weight in gold!).

Not directly, although there are some cutting edge products that have detachable units allowing for a liquid tank to replace a herb 'oven' and vice versa.

There's increasing numbers of 3-in-1 products out there that allow for chambers suitable for dry herb, e liquid and wax to be detached/attached as needed. Usually this is only seen in advanced models such as the Vapour2 Pro Series 3X at present, but you can be sure that the vape will be absolutely fantastic.