Posted July 24, 2018 by Daniel Archibald-Jones in CBD

CBDLife Hemp E-Liquid 300mg Review

CBDLife has already earned some rave reviews for the quality of their full spectrum ‘Ensemble’ capsules, and as expected it was only a matter of time before we saw this adapted towards an e-liquid.

Not that we’re complaining of course! For anyone already confused at what this means, ‘Ensemble’ refers to a complex CBD extract that is a formulation of many different strains of hemp.

The theory – that took decades to complete – runs that cannabinoids and terpenes from multiple strains can compliment each other when carefully combined, delivering an even more effective dose of potentially health-boosting properties.

Already demonstrably effective in capsule form, can this advanced formula also work when vaped?

3% Concentration Is Ideal For Vaping

CBDLife Hemp ELiquidCBDLife claim that they have placed particular focus on trying to make this e-liquid as pleasant tasting as possible.

They’ve done so by including a wide variety of terpenes that not only carry their own health boosting properties but also the fragrant taste of the classic marijuana plant.

It’s certainly a very smooth tasting e-liquid, and while an acquired taste which people tend to either love or hate, it’s a good degree lighter than the dank earthiness usually associated with natural CBD liquids.

Remember that this formula is to all intents and purposes THC free (approx 0.57% by latest published test results) so it’s initially an unusual sensation having the taste of hemp/marijuana without any of the high!

What users receive instead is a very nicely balanced hit of CBD that (for those receptive to it) does come on very fast.

The company recommends that people use it when needed – making it ideal for people taking four or five deep draws at a time.

In our opinion, it genuinely does serve to ‘settle things down’. It would be recommended that people who opt to try out this system do so with a dedicated vape pen and avoid around the clock use in order to prevent rapidly developing a tolerance.

No need for anything flash – a decent vape pen or even a dedicated CBD kit needn’t be very expensive nowadays.

Top Quality Manufacturing Process

As a full spectrum CBD vape oil, it’s essential that all the ingredients/hemp are of equally high standard.

CBDLife sources their hemp from some of the best cannabis farms in Europe which use only 100% organic, ethical and chemical-free growing methods.

Both Indica and Sativa strains are gathered up for a Co2 extraction process that again is entirely chemical free. If wondering what this entails, it’s used throughout the regular food industry to remove active ingredients, for instance, caffeine in coffee beans.

Once the CBD is extracted it is infused with terpenes for natural flavouringand then combined with a PG/VG (again both used in the food industry) mix to what we’d guess to be a 50/50 or so ratio.

The result is a very well crafted e-liquid that even after a few days of fairly heavy use showed no sins whatsoever of clogging up the tank or atomiser of our vape pen.

As an aside, a good tip when shopping for any such specialist e-liquid is to check it isn’t too heavy on the vegetable glycerin unless you have a high power pen or box mod to vape with.

We received decent cloud production with this liquid – which is exactly what you want from any CBD e-liquid as that is what’s going to be inhaled straight into the bloodstream.

However, too large cloud production may become overwhelming and quite wasteful as you’ll burn through a bottle at an alarming speed. So choose your settings carefully!

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We really liked this product and would have no hesitation recommending it to anyone looking for a truly full-spectrum Ensemble CBD e-liquid.

It’s strong without being overly so, tastes pretty good if that’s your thing, and really can take noticeable affect near instantaneously.

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to try and keep this kind of vaping separate from your daily (if you have one) as this is a premium formulation that will get very expensive quite quickly if vaped around the day.

Best keep it aside and just take a few draws as and when needed, and indeed it could work very well to occasionally complement a daily capsule routine as well. Yet as a standalone product, this is as good as CBD e-liquids get – and so very highly recommended!


Click REVEAL COUPON to view the discount code. Simply enter code at checkout.


Click REVEAL COUPON to view the discount code. Simply enter code at checkout.