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CBD Vape Oil Reviews - The Best Products For 2018

CBD VapingThis section on CBD Vape Oil reviews focuses on helping you get the best CBD oil available in the UK.

CBD e-liquid is pretty new to the market, and as with pretty much anything associated with marijuana/hemp there's already a heck of a lot of confusion! Just to clear up the first big question right from the start - CBD is an extract from the aforementioned plant family that carries no psychoactive effect.

It is totally legal, has been used in the poorly named 'medical marijuana' field for decades, and will not get you remotely high. Now that elephant has been put firmly back in its enclosure, let's take a look at the realities of CBD oil and why it can now even be bought on the high street.

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What Is CBD Vaping?

CBD is the second largest component of marijuana/hemp and makes up around 40% of the content.

In the past, it was mainly extracted by using solvents yet nowadays the best producers use a CO2 (dry ice) method. If that sounds scary - just to put it into context, it's how upmarket coffee shops extract caffeine from their beans! Totally safe, organic and using frozen methods also ensure the end product maintains a maximum purity. Always look for oils that have been produced this way.

It is worth adding that the extraction solvent (again no means for alarm) is also very important to the process. Plenty of solvents have been tried over the years, but an independent Dutch study performed at Leiden University found that olive oil is the best. This is by far from the normal standard, so when looking for the best oils keep an eye out for olive oil. It may be a little pricier but it is a surefire way of ensuring you are paying for genuine quality CBD oil.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is where there is quite frankly no exact science. Oils for both oral and vape ingestion come in very different levels of strength, which will also affect how frequently someone ought to dose.

One advantage oral CBD oils have is that it is of course much easier to measure dosage than puffing away on a vape pen. Theoretically, this should make it more straightforward to find that sweet spot, but it really is a highly personal decision. Expect a phase of trial and error as there is really no such thing as 'standard'.

Depending on what issue you are hoping that CBD will help with, a good place to start would be checking out other people's experiences online. It may at least provide a guideline of what to expect at which dose, but bear in mind that by no means are all CBD oils born equally.

This is why we'd have to recommend using only the very best quality CBD vape oils going - as it is the only way to really be able to measure with any consistency.

The two ways to take CBD are either orally via dripping or spraying the oil or via vape devices. Quite possibly we'll see some kind of patches or whatnot before long but for now, these are ways to be aware of.


This method involves carefully administering a couple of CBD oil drops directly under the tongue. Why under? Simply because it's the best place in the mouth for the oil to absorb speedily. There are a few sprays on the market which - at least in this opinion - aren't as good an option. Sure they may be easier to accurately dose with, but the problem is that absorptionwill be less precise. Dripping is the way to go to ensure a steady and reliable delivery of CBD oil.


Possibly the best and most convenient way of taking CBD is via a dedicated CBD vape pen. The advantage is that each 'puff' pretty much goes straight into the bloodstream. CBD oils designed for vaping contain no nicotine (or any other chemicals for that matter), artificial flavourings, and are formulated under licensed laboratory conditions. It is recommended to keep CBD vaping separate from 'traditional' vaping to avoid cross-contamination and only use oils designed for this method of delivery. Oral oils cannot be vaped!

Generally speaking, the oils designed for vaping will be less concentrated than those for oral use, simply because they are expected to be used more frequently over the course of a day. Which moves us nicely on to the issue of dosing.

This is not a medical-themed article so there's obviously no way of saying for sure. Be aware that all sorts of marijuana/hemp extracts have been used for countless years, and anecdotally speaking there's plenty of people who claim it has made a massive difference to a huge variety of ailments. One size may not fit all, but the fact remains that at least it looks like a shoe!

To put this into a degree of context, a semi-governmental investigation found that Cannabidiol (CBD) has a “restoring, correcting or modifying” influence on the human “physiological functions”. Make of that what you will!