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CBD Infuse 300mg E-Liquid Review

This is a really interesting line of CBD e-liquids that offer a ‘natural’ option as well as five very interesting flavours to choose between.

CBD Infuse 300mg E-LiquidWhile there’s always an (in our opinion a killjoy) voice that reckons there’s no place for added tastes in these products, frankly why the heck not?

The source taste simply isn’t for everyone and providing the additional flavours do not detract in the slightest way from the quality of the CBD then we say go for it!

The Infuse’s range is top quality across the board – so let’s find out why their flagship line has been receiving so much interest.

A Cracking Vape!

Employing only the purest CBD isolate going, and being organic, vegan-friendly and containing no nasty chemicals at any stage of the production process, this ranks it into the ‘premium tier’ of these kinds of e-liquids.

In all honesty, there’s no reason to look at any company that doesn’t tick these boxes anymore.

Those that still use brutal extraction methods and are vague about their contents are only going to be delivering a poor final product.

The Infuse range is one of the best for leading the way in progressive CBD e-liquid.

Something we were particularly interested in was their 80/20Propylene Glycol/Vegetable Glycerin mix.

There’s nothing unusual about this in the typical world of vaping, but it does work especially well with CBD.

Compared to a few others they do carry a little more of a throat hit but are far from going to knock the socks off even the newest or most casual user.

Vape draws are nice and deep but without enormous cloud production thanks to being PG heavy – meaning it’s ideal for use with a budget vape pen and limits wastage/extends life.

So let’s quickly take a peek at the range on offer.


One for those wanting the unadulterated taste of CBD.

It does exactly as would be expected, delivering a very subtle earthiness but nowhere close to the pungency usually associated with any marijuana-based product.

Perfect for anyone wanting the straightforward ‘experience’ delivered well thanks to a top-class design and delivery.

Cool Menthol

When did menthol become cool again?

Only joking, when done well it can be one of my personal faves, and this is a decent example of how to do so properly.

Not as overwhelming as many menthol e-liquids can tend to be, but still providing a lovely and refreshing draw, this is a lovely choice which fellow fans will certainly appreciate.

Blackcurrant Chill

We were intrigued by the sound of this one.

Blackcurrant has always been slightly the second fiddle to blueberry in the general vaping scene, so could this mysterious ‘chill’ bring it back into the race?

Well, let’s just say it’d be a struggle to find anyone who turns there nose up at this.

The blackcurrant is tart and full-bodied, while the chill is a kind of iciness that is most prominent on the exhale.

An intriguing and tantalising combination.

Classic Lemonade

Sweet and zesty while being perhaps the most easygoing of all of this range, and there’s nothing wrong with that at all.

What we have here is a balanced vape that is as smooth going down as it is coming up, leaving a very pleasant aftertaste that’s tangy and refreshing. Very nice indeed.

Strawberries & Cream

Enjoy your CBD after dinner? Many people do and this is a classic combination packed full of buoyant and fun flavour.

Anyone who has tried cloud heavy sub-ohm vaping will be familiar with this kind of combination, each complimenting the other into an awesomely enjoyable decadence!

Fret not though, the 80/20 mix outlined above ensures that unlike sub-ohm vaping, you won’t tear through this bottle in days (hopefully!).

Watermelon Cocktail

The watermelon is luscious and just as you’d expect from the high standards set by the Infuse range, what puzzled us was the cocktail element.

Was it the slightly rich and bubbly sense of rum, or the eye-opening composure of an iced vodka?

There’s no sense of actual alcohol though, making this a mysteriously tricky one to describe!

But if you enjoy a watermelon daiquiri upon occasion, this is the choice for you.

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It’s easy to see why CBD Asylum have settled upon these six flavours.

Unlike so many rivals in both the standard and CBD vape scenes, their range is genuinely distinctive meaning there’s sure to be something to satisfy even the fussiest vaper.

While they may taste very different from each other, the inherent ingredient is a top quality CBD extract that delivers everything you’d want from a premium product.

We’d have to say that the Infuse 300mg e-liquids are absolutely worthwhile checking out for both newcomers and experienced fans of the CBD scene.


Click REVEAL COUPON to view the discount code. Simply enter code at checkout.


Click REVEAL COUPON to view the discount code. Simply enter code at checkout.