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The Best Vape Pens In The UK – Updated For 2020

Best UK Vape PensVape pens are often the first step ex-smokers take when getting started in the colourful world of vaping.

What Are They?

Despite still frequently often referred to as ‘cig-a-likes’ the fact is that even the most basic models in this range have advanced a long way over the last couple of years.

They are extremely simple to operate, use very affordable replacement components and allow the user to enjoy pretty much any e-liquid that they choose.

Plenty of people settle upon a quality vape pen and simply do not feel the need to eventually ‘progress’ towards more advanced forms of vaping.

Let’s face it – tampering around with much more powerful (and pricier) box mods isn’t for very everyone, and when it comes to sheer convenience vape pens are pretty much the best option going.

Why Use Them?

They are a step up from the classic cartridge based cig-a-likes, which while they can be pretty good value in their own right, often seem a little underpowered and old-fashioned.

On the other hand, while they may not pack anything close to the wattage of a box mod they are more reliable for general daily use.

The best vape pens will have enough power to deliver a satisfying throat hit while also employing a battery that is going to last a day’s worth of consistent use.

It will feel comfortable to hold and enjoy while not feeling flimsy or lightweight. Ideally, it should also be sleek and designed using well-finished materials.

As a final pointer to look out for, spare ‘blank’ cartridges/clearomizers (terminology varies between brands) and coils (depending upon the product) should be easy to source and ideally available online at a good bulk discount.

Our Top Picks For 2020

Wondering which vape pens are best to get started vaping? Here’s a selection of three of the best devices available in the UK:

Vapour2 Pro Series 3X

Vapour2 Pro Series 3X

The Vapour2 Pro Series 3X. Read our full review.

This vape pen is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to get straight to the point and source a top quality device that will perform superbly for years.

V2 are renowned within the vape industry for developing excellent ‘next generation’ pens and this is rapidly becoming their flagship product.

Capable of not just sub-ohm vaping (lots of flavourful clouds) thanks to easily interchangeable atomizers, and powered by an impressive 750mAh battery, the Pro Series 3X uses a ceramic heating base to deliver as full-bodied and consistent a vape as anyone will ever need.

Including adjustable airflow, voltage and temperature controls alongside industry leading safety features, this is a pen that quite simply performs perfectly.

The kit comes complete with three atomizers (0.9 sub-ohm, 1.2ohm & 1.5ohm) as well as a magnetic USB charging cord.

Despite the impressive power contained within the battery, it charges up fast and holds enough charge to easily last a day on medium settings.

Overall, this is a premium product that’s going to get the job done as well as anything else on the market.

Vapour2 Classic Shisha Pen

Vapour2 Classic Shisha Pen

The Vapour2 Classic Shisha Pen. Read our full review.

One of the most common problems new vapers encounter comes to choosing an introduction level model from the literally hundreds available on the market.

A good rule of thumb is to look not just at what comes inside the pack, but the pedigree of the manufacturer.

This is why the Vapour2 Classic Shisha continues to score so high on many top ten list of introductory level shisha pens – it’s an absolute bargain that outclasses countless far more expensive rivals.

The basic kit can be customized to include either a short or long, automatic or manual battery – an option which is surprisingly handy to be offered.

Also included is a smart charger, wall adapter and a single blank e-liquid cartridge (or clearomizer depending on your terminology).

It’s recommended to purchase one of the award-winning V2 e-liquid taster packs at the same time to check out the flavours on offer, although remember that almost any e-liquid can be used, you are not limited to the V2 range.

Now the details are out of the way, settle back and enjoy a delicious, clean vape that puts the vast majority of similarly priced products to shame.

Plenty of vapers would use this as an occasional ‘out and about’ vape while using a more powerful device for their daily go-to, but truth be told this is going to be good enough to satisfy plenty of people as a standalone vape.

Excellent value, quality vape. What’s not to like about that?

Vype eTank Pro

Vype eTank Pro

The Vype eTank Pro. Read our full review.

Often ‘Pro’ implies ‘pricey’ but we’re happy to report that this certainly is not the case with this sleek little device.

Typically available for about the price of a couple of 20 decks, Vype have somehow managed to develop a dual coil vape pen powered by a 1000 mAh battery.

Rather amusingly, the Vype eTank pro actually generates a stronger output than their e-Box range, delivering up to 14W of output.

This is going to be plenty enough to satisfy the majority of users looking to convert from tobacco to vaping.

The kit contains everything needed to start vaping – battery, glass tank, atomizer and charging unit – although you will need to purchase an e-liquid separately (standard for most pen kits).

The Vype range is a handy way to get started but do bear in mind that this device is powerful enough to handle other e-liquids, even those with a higher PG ratio than normal (stick to no more than 60/40 VG/PG to avoid the tank getting too gunked up).

Overall, this is a smart, easy to use e cig that gets the job done with zero fuss or bother.

How To Choose The Best Vape Pen

The three examples we’ve taken a look at shows that when it comes to choosing high quality vaporiser pens, you don’t need to break the bank to find a product that will deliver consistently and reliably.

Unfortunately, this cannot be said for many other products out there!

There are endless examples of ‘bargain’ kits that are simply outdated models repackaged for a quick sale.

To help dodge these always consider the following when choosing a vape pen suitable to your needs:

1. What Do You Want It For?

This is a key question and should play a major role in determining which pen to opt for.

For some people a decent vape pen is good enough for general daily use. In this case, it’s wise to go for a more premium model that will last longer and deliver a better quality vape.

On the other hand, some people take an ‘occasional’ vape on a night out for example – in which case a shisha style pen would be ideal as it won’t be the end of the world if it gets damaged or lost.

Figure out how often you plan on using the device and factor this into any budgeting decision.

2. Manufacturer Reputation Does Matter!

Just because many vape pens tend to look pretty similar does not by any stretch mean that they all perform as well as each other.

They’re big business for manufacturers and those with the highest reputations are those who invest heavily in delivering excellent quality introductory level products.

Brand loyalty is a big thing with vaping, and the rule of thumb is that a company who produces well finished, long lasting, high performing shisha pens will also be those with a reputation for manufacturing quality top-end products.

Companies with zero reputation (or ‘off-brand’ for easy comparison) are 99% of the time going to be lower quality cheap imports.

3. Look For Cross Compatibility

Vape companies are keen to market their own e-liquids to anyone interested in their product lines – but remember that in almost all cases any e-liquid will work in a typical pen beside very dense, heavily VG based specialist juices.

The same is often the case for clearomizers and if needed atomizers/coils.

Look for the best vape pen that can be used with cheaply sourced replacement components.

Generally speaking, and depending upon your usage, components will need to be replaced every 2 weeks or so, so buying in bulk can make for a fantastic saving in the long term. The same is often the case for e-liquids too!