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Best 100% VG E-Juice Reviews

Cloud Chasing With VGMost vapers will be aware that E-Liquids come in a dazzling array of flavours and quality, and one of the most common questions asked is what makes 100% pure VG E-Liquids the most popular juice among many enthusiasts.

Both VG (vegetable glycerin) and PG (propylene glycol) based liquids are mixes of nicotine, flavouring and these commonly found food additives. Many E-Liquids are blends of both PG and VG, but others are exclusively comprised of just one of these ingredients.

Here are the best 100% VG E-Juices we've had the chance to review.

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What Is 100% VG E-Liquid?

It's a vaping juice that is entirely comprised of vegetable glycerin. It has a thicker composition and a slightly sweet natural taste, meaning that it works especially well with fruit or dessert themed flavourings. For this reason they tend to be especially popular with people who use higher power devices, as they generate more clouds and a generally richer, more consistent taste.

When used in sub-ohm mod tanks, this liquid is generally very impressive, and it's also especially popular among those who choose not to have any nicotine in their liquids.

High VG E-Juice

The Benefits Of Using 100% VG

There's quite a few reasons why this style of liquid is so popular among many users. First and most importantly it's widely agreed that 100% VG E-Liquids deliver an overall better 'hit' thanks to producing such denser, thicker clouds. On the other hand, PG liquids are considerably lighter when inhaled. Some people prefer the lighter sensation offered from PG, others enjoy an overall more rich and satisfying vape.

VG E-Liquids tend to cause far fewer allergies and irritations. While both are perfectly to safe (always use a reputable vendor), quite a significant proportion of vapers find that using heavily PG based juices can cause discomfort in the throat. In a nutshell this means that even though VG juices deliver a heavier hit, they are paradoxically often believed to be more comfortable to use.

The only downside to using these liquids is that they don't tend to last quite as long as PG based juices. This is because they produce considerably more clouds - which is usually exactly what 'cloud chasing' vape enthusiasts are looking for anyway!

Many specialty 100% VG E-Liquids are available these days, and because they carry flavour better, most artisan flavours tend to be far more commonly found with a high percentage of VG. Therefore it's a better choice for more experimental vapers who like to switch flavours often.

Why You Should Use 100% VG

The benefits are pretty clear. Overall the vaping is more heady and delivers a better experience, especially when used in combination with a good quality, well maintained and powerful vape kit.

Given how much top end vaping devices have decreased in cost recently, this means that enjoying a top-class vape with amazing e-liquids is now much more widely available for general users.