Posted January 21, 2014 by Daniel Archibald-Jones in Information & Articles

Are Electronic Cigarettes A Good Alternative To Tobacco?

If you’re a regular smoker and you are looking for alternatives to tobacco, then you may consider reading electronic cigarette reviews.

You may wonder, are e cigs a good alternative to tobacco products and what are the benefits of using these?

Health Considerations

Health Issues With TobaccoResearch into the use of electronic cigarettes continues with different agencies and health experts expressing different views about the benefits and risks of choosing electronic cigarettes as an alternative to tobacco products.

However, although e-cigarettes do contain nicotine like tobacco products, they have fewer harmful chemicals overall.

Also, you can choose the strength of an e-cigarette reducing the potential exposure to toxicants.

Therefore, most research concludes that e-cigarettes are a healthier alternative to tobacco smoking. A further benefit is that you are not condemning those around you to the harmful effects of passive smoking.

Odour & Flavour

Strawberry E-LiquidTobacco has a distinct odour and flavour; one that even regular smokers would agree is unpleasant. Using an electronic cigarette can eliminate this problem.

There is a wide range of different flavours to choose from so each person can alter their experience to suit their own tastes. The smell generally matches the flavour.

So if you have chosen peppermint, it will not only taste of peppermint but will also smell of peppermint.

This prevents others having to put up with the unpleasant smell of cigarette smoke or your clothes smelling of stale tobacco.

Avoiding The Smoking Ban

Vaping In PubsUK laws state that people cannot smoke tobacco products in any public place.

This aim of this law is to reduce the amount of opportunities for people to smoke and to protect the health of the general public.

Many smokers found this ban difficult in their day-to-day lives, as many of the places they were once able to smoke became no smoking locations.

Electronic cigarettes are a great solution to this problem, as they are not covered under the UK laws relating to smoking in public places.


Rocketing Price Of CigarettesOne factor people take into consideration when choosing between tobacco products and e-cigarettes is the cost.

In most instances, electronic cigarettes compare favourably to tobacco products.

Whereas when smoking tobacco products you face a daily cost, with e-cigarettes the cost is limited to buying the initial kit and then refills (whether by cartridges or oils).

In most instances electronic cigarettes will cost a lot less.

When balancing the pros and cons of choosing e-cigarettes as an alternative to tobacco products, electronic cigarettes are a certainly a good choice.