Posted May 19, 2014 by Daniel Archibald-Jones in Information & Articles

Are E Lites Any Good?

The vaping industry is still a relatively new one and hence any electronic cigarette company who have been designing and selling their products for around half a dozen years are almost considered veterans of the industry. Such is the case with E-Lites who are based in Worcestershire and were a founder member of The Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association. But are E-Lites Any Good?

E-Lites increased time in the vaping marketplace compared to some of the newer brands has seen them with time to fully develop their products as well as build up a strong base of loyal customers with that relationship obtained through a high level of trust.

The E Lites E200 Starter Kit

The E Lites E200 Starter Kit

E-Lites have a few different starter kits available to purchase from their website – this selection is not huge given the length of time the company have been around but is reasonable enough and the kits adequately cater for different tastes and budgets. One of their latest ranges is the E-Lites G9 series. This features the E80 and E200 starter kits where the number next to the letter E represents the number of cigarettes the kits comes equipped with the equivalent of.

The design of E-Lites products might be considered more functional as opposed to fashionable. That being said there are some rather nice and clever touches included. For example, let us consider the E200 starter kit. The whole pack is only the same size as a conventional pack of twenty conventional cigarettes would be; the acrylic case is tough and sturdy and actually gives off the impression and rightly so that a quality product is contained within.

The lack of instructions provided is a bit alarming at first impression – half a dozen steps are on the back of the case and that is it – but there is no need for alarm bells because the product really is that simple to use. One of the best parts of the design of this kit is that after being used the short USB cable provided for the purposes of battery charging is able to be slotted back into the bottom of the case and hence can sit nice and flush with the pack. Also visually the e-cig has been designed to look exactly like its conventional counterpart right down to the effective looking faux rings.

Away from the G9 series, E-Lites also provide instant use and reusable cigarettes (a summer start kit is currently on offer) while the opposite end of the scale includes executive and pro kits plus the stylish and discerning DUO3. The latter includes two of both battery and charger and is great for sharing or to give as a gift. All of E-Lites batteries are also very responsive.

It’s also worth noting that this brand often promotes their range of e cigs through their E Lites Discount Codes, and you can often save up to 15% on your purchases!

The company have really kept on a traditional route when it comes to their flavours and while a smooth taste is guaranteed it is a shame that there is not more scope with a better and more greatly diverse selection on offer as the choice is Regular, Lite, Nicotine Free or Menthol. This really sums up the answer to our initial question of whether E-Lites are any good – it would be nice if they could broaden their horizon even just a little bit, but they certainly do the basics very well.