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Apollo Cigs Review

Apollo Cigs ReviewApollo have only recently become a big deal here in the UK, having spent most of their marketing budget seemingly on gaining a reputation as a designer of truly top-end electronic cigarettes.

That’s an accolade that’s all too readily banded about nowadays, especially given there’s so much competition out there, but the thing is that a few years people spoke of Apollo branded products like they were some kind of mythical fable.

As occasional rumours continued to slip across the Atlantic, so did a few peculiarities, none more so that Apollo being as proudly all-American as apple pie on Independence Day.

Every aspect and component of the devices produced by their team of ‘engineers’ is of American origin, and while that isn’t especially rare nowadays the fact that even all of their e-liquids are too (something many manufacturers are a little cheeky about) makes them seem especially devoted to their cause.

You’ll struggle to find a better middle market and premium end product than those we’re about to take a look at now.

Best Budget Product

Apollo Endeavor E-Cig Starter Kit

apollo-endeavor-e-cigI use the word ‘budget’ here lightly. Apollo aren’t really in the habit of making much in the way of lower end e-cigs, especially not many worth looking at over here so far.

However the Endeavour Kit certainly shouldn’t be pricey enough to burst too many budgets, and for the build quality and features contained within it, this is a really very good e-cig indeed.

Coming complete with a 510/eGo battery that also rather smartly alters the power button colour depending upon the amount of battery left on charge.

This is good to be able to keep a track of as it can handle a decent range of between 1.8 and 2.5 ohms, and also has great compatibility with alternative tank systems.

Rare for a product in this price bracket is the inclusion of a thin dual coil unit, that all round delivers a beautifully smooth and reliable vape.

Another very nice feature – and one might imagine a little like a spaceship – is that filling up the tank is done handily from below, making spillage and flooding very unlikely indeed.

Best Premium Product

Apollo VTube 5.0 With Temperature Control

apollo-v-tube-5If the Apollo Endeavor is a plucky little tie-fighter, the VTube 5.0 is an Imperial Battleship!

An awesome product that firmly deserves and earns it’s rating as an elite product.

It’s absolutely gorgeous to look at and hold, and comes complete with a massive 3.5ml Phazer Sub-ohm tank incorporating liquid flow, dual coil and adjustable air control.

This is one of the best tanks to be found anywhere, and is so adjustable that it’s the perfect choice for anyone who likes to change their vape according to their mood at a whim.

It’s under the bonnet where the VTube 5.0 proves it has the power to match such very high demands.

Offering a staggering 50V via an 18650 HE2 High-Drain Battery 2500mAh, that’s quite simply as powerful as many box-mod systems and again lends testimony for this being a great option for highly demanding users.

Supported with all the safety and temperature control technology to be expected from such a powerful unit, it conveniently enough offers a literally perfect vape.

The Stand Out Qualities Of Apollo E-Cigs

Apollo clearly rank among the top manufacturers out there, and despite the boldness of their claims it’s very difficult not to be blown away by the overall design quality of their range.

The VTube 5.0 in particular represents a fantastic product that genuinely meets up to the price tag when it comes to pounds per performance, and would likely last even daily users many years indeed.

That’s not to say that the Apollo Endeavor isn’t also worthy of a decent high score, as clearly Apollo have used some of the same design techniques – and certainly much of the same attention to detail and delivery – as they have to with the VTube 5.0.

It’s worth also pointing out that Apollo e-liquids are really very impressive too, and usually they include one or two within their kits depending upon the option selected.


Click REVEAL COUPON to view the discount code for Apollo E Cigs. Code valid for everything purchased in the UK store, including starter kits, E-Liquids and other accessories. Simply enter code at checkout.


Click REVEAL COUPON to view the discount code for Apollo E Cigs. Code valid for everything purchased in the UK store, including starter kits, E-Liquids and other accessories. Simply enter code at checkout.